The Force

Force:Woybff you must save your friends before time is up you have five days.

Woybff:*runs to a trap* *saves Sylvia* *hops on Sylvia*

Sylvia:*rides her to Sunil's cage*

A day later

Woybff:*saves him*

Sunil:*teleports the three to Derpy's cage*

12 hours later

Woybff:*saves Derpy*

Sunil:teleports to Wander's cage*

12 hours later

Wander's cage has lead paint, spikes and hay rounded it.

two days later

Woybff:*tries to get Wander* *falls down a trech for a day*

The Force:Woybff you have fail so I going to turn you evil.

Sylvia:thinks:what the flarp?

Wander:*pulls Woybff out the way*STOP!!

The Force:*still turns Woybff evil*


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