The Joy

Homestar:*walks to Sylvia* Hi Sylvia.

Sylvia:(on the couch and drinking coffee) Hi Homestar.

Homestar:Where's Woybff?

Sylvia:She's still in bed.

Homestar:*looks at the clock* That's not normal, she should be up by now Sylvia.

Sylvia:I'll check on her. *walks upstairs* *knocks on Woybff's door* Woybff?

Woybff:Come in.

Sylvia:*walks in* Hi Woybff. Is everything okay?

Woybff:No. Go get me some kinda puke pail.

Sylvia:Alright. *walks down stairs to Homestar* What's a puke pail?

Homestar:Sylvia you don't know what a puke pail is?


Cilan:Basically just a bowl or bucket. Don't you remember that red pail on Blue's Clues?

Sylvia:No it wasn't in the Mattel recall.

Cilan:*gives Sylvia a bowl* I'd hate to see Woybff with the stomach bug.

Homestar:Me too. Well I remember her calling me the other day because she was really, really sad.

Sylvia:What was she sad about?

Homestar:She couldn't tell me. She did tell me she didn't want to smile when she would see me or anyone.

Sylvia:That's worth noting. *walks upstairs* Hi Woybff.

Woybff:Hello Sylvia.

Sylvia:*sets the bowl down by her* I know it's not a pail. I hope your not angry.

Woybff:No Sylvia I'm fine with it being a bowl, but I'm not fine that I am basically Pinkie Pie instead of Raven.

Sylvia:Raven? Who's Raven.

Woybff:From the Teen Titans.

Sylvia:Oh why would you want to be her? You're a jovial person.

Woybff:That's the point, I don't want to be so cheerful.

Sylvia:*feels her head* No fever. Did you drink?

Woybff:No why would I do that Sylvia? I just turned-

Sylvia:I know. It's just you're acting very odd. Even yesterday you were off. Does your tummy hurt?

Woybff:Yet it does Syl.

Sylvia:I'm getting Octavia. *walks out of the room*

Sunil:(in his room) *reads Woybff's mind* Holy crap this is awful. *runs downstairs*

Sylvia:Where ya going Sunil?

Sunil:I know why Woybff's so upset.


Octavia:I'm still gonna check on her. *walks in the room*

Sunil:I also need to tell Homestar. Homestar!

Homestar:*runs upstairs but trips*

Sunil:*hugs him* Woybff would of done the same. I'm doing her jorb while she's sick in her heart.

Homestar:Doing her what?

Sunil:A great-oh just forgot get it.

Homestar:Okay. *gets up* What is it Sunil?

Sunil:I know how Woybff is so upset.



Sunil:Crap! *runs into Woybff's room with Homestar and Sylvia* *locks the door*

Octavia:Excuse me, but Woybff isn't finish with her check up.

Homestar:Sorry ma'am. *looks away*

Octavia:Does it hurt when I put my hand on your stomach?

Woybff:No it just feels like I'm gonna throw up.

Octavia:Is something troubling you Woybff?


Octavia:Care to tell me?

Sunil:I can tell you Dr.Stars. The reason is-

Barney:*brakes into the door* Here's Barney!

Woybff:*jumps out of the window*

Homestar:*jumps out too*

Sylvia:You teleport to them with Octavia, I'll beat this lame boy up.

Sunil:*hums Lane Boy by Twenty One Pilots for a bit and teleports with Dr.Octavia*

Octavia:Woybff are you alright?

Woybff:Same as before I feel.


Sunil:Okay I need to tell you. Woybff was called goofy and now she wants to kill all of the joy instead of her.

Homestar:*kisses her* You aren't goofy. You're smart. You can be a little silly at times, but that's what we love about you. You can be bright and silly at the same time. Most of us try to find that perfect balance, but all of us fail. It's ever low self-esteem or who we are. You are a good human Woybff.

Woybff:*hugs Homestar* You are my joy. I wish I was your pride and joy instead of Marzipan.

Homestar:Well since you you hug me, and you protect me from all those recalled toys I should probably say so.

Sylvia:*done beating the crap of Barney* I have done my jorb.

Homestar:You done your what?

Sylvia:A good jaerb.

Homestar:Sunil come here.

Sunil:We're done with that joke Homestar.

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