The Self-Esteem

Woybff:*writing in a blue notebook*

Sunil:*leaves the castle* *cries*

Zylon Dragon:*walks in* *gives Woybff some sunglasses*

Woybff:Wot in Sunglassnation.

Zylon Dragon:Well at least you said thing normal.

Woybff:I still don't understand. Why did you give me these sunglasses?

Zylon Dragon:Because...well you know.

Woybff:What do you mean?

Zylon Dragon:*rumbs her head* Well the thing that going to make the next month a little more special for you.

Woybff:That wasn't a great reason to give me these. I would rather have a Baby Einstein DVD or a Homestar Runner DVD. Still it would be a bad reason.

Zylon Dragon:Yeah but everyone likes to laugh at you for being autistic.

Woybff:Well maybe some people, but I bet two people love me.

Zylon Dragon:Wander and Sylvia are and always were faking their love for you. If you were really Wander's friend than why do you like a guy with no hands more than him.

Woybff:Because the only bad things he did was because of Mattel. I don't want to get in the way of our time together because that is a stupid just to make me hate Homestar because of Mattel.

Zylon Dragon:Yeah. I bright a special guest star. You know who it is?

Woybff:Is it Twenty One Pilots?

Zylon:I thought you were going to say Julie Clark or The Chap Brothers. *laughs* No. None of those people. I talking about Craig.

Woybff:What? He's busy.

Craig:No I am not. Woybff Luna Stars, you have been a bad girl. This hasn't nothing to do with your Autism. I was even going to think about giving your crown back.

Woybff:Even if you did I would give to Stars. She would like being queen I guess now.

Craig:I don't want to hurt you in your presence, instead I will go give Andrea all this WOY merch.

Woybff:No Craig's not my fault. It's Violet's fault for leaving us. Believe me I can't save all this WOY pictures of my own.

Craig:Well I letting Screwball speak my mine. I can't hurt you.

Screwball:You are mean person. You should probably kick out Wander and Sylvia.

Woybff:Where are they?

Craig:I took them to Disney World with you.

Woybff:They are gonna die.

Zylon Dragon:You are stupid. You should leave the Baby Einstein community.

Woybff:*cries* *jumps out of the same window in her room*

Strong Bad:*catches Woybff* Sunil told me to be here. *puts her down*

Woybff:Thanks Strong Bad.

Strong Bad:Do you need a break?

Woybff:Yes I want to spend it at your house if that's okay with you.

Strong Bad:Of course.

Woybff:Strong Bad?

Strong Bad:Yes Woybff.

Woybff:Are friendship is real, you aren't faking it?

Strong Bad:Nah. I'm a true friend. Why would you doubt that?

Woybff:My Autism. You heard what Zylon Dragon said.

Strong Bad:You think about it.

Woybff:Can you tell Homestar it's okay to enter your house.

Strong Bad:He just comes and goes as he pleases.

Woybff:Oh. *walks Strong Bad*

Strong Bad:And you have all the time you need to think about leaving.

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