(This is actually episode 446.) The Mombysitter

Strong Bad:*knocks on Woybff's door*

Woybff:*hugs him* What the crap happened?

Strong Bad:Well my dear Woybff sadly I had to protect little Amadeus.

Woybff:He's not that little. He's only fourteen.

Strong Bad:I know, but I'm his favorite character. I don't want him to like Dumps or The Cheat more than myself.

Woybff:I know. Come in.

Strong Bad:*walks in with Woybff*

Woybff:While you were gone Sunil and I showed The Cheat a brand new world.

The Cheat:*runs to Strong Bad* *hugs him*

Strong Bad:You showed The Cheat a actual real world?

Sunil:No we showed him Baby Einstein.

Strong Bad:That's not a good idea.

Woybff:He only liked Baby Neptune and Baby Noah.

Sunil:We didn't show him Discovering Shapes or any video in 2006 or after except for Discovery Kits.

Strong Bad:Now that's a good idea.

Sylvia:*walks in the room* I'm so glad my little Woybff's back.

Woybff:Next you can go instead of Wander.

Strong Bad:So this is your mombysitter?

Woybff:Yeah she's been my foster mom for....

Sylvia:Twelve seaons.

Woybff:A year, three months, and 19 days.

Strong Bad:Whoa.

Sunil:Sadly I was there because I did something dumb.

Strong Bad:What did you do?

Sunil:I licked a lead paint train.

Strong Bad:Holy crap dude. Why are you here?

Sunil:It's a long story only the fans that been there since Season 12 would know.

Woybff:I'm sorry The Cheat for scaring you for life.

Sunil:Me too.

Woybff:Can I show Strong Bad a recall?

Sylvia:Make it quick.

Woybff:*gets on the computer*

(screensaver:Sunil's fan art of Strong Bad)

Strong Bad:That's awesome Woybff.

Woybff:Sunil made it. *clicks on a recall*

Strong Bad:And this important because?

Woybff:These people made my childhood.

Strong Bad:I got you know. You're probably thinkin' "Why did all the good toy company have lead recalls in the 80s?". Well I don't know Woybff. I wish I did. You would probably wish I did. I really don't. Hey what's that recall? *points to the first one on the left*

Woybff:That's a good way to get the jibblies.

Strong Bad:I know you have been into recalls for almost seven years now, but it's just see that it looks like.

Woybff:I have seen it, and I know you'll get the jibblies.

Strong Bad:Try me sista.

Woybff:*clicks on[http:// it]*

Strong Bad:*gets the jibblies*

Woybff:I told you so. *turns off the computer* *walks away* *gets Sylvia* I gave Strong Bad the jibblies.

Sylvia:Was a Mattel recall?


Sylvia:*punches Strong Bad in the gut*

Strong Bad:Thanks Sylvia for some odd reason that work. Can I tell you guys what happened back on World Autism day?


Strong Bad:Amadeus and I raced to my house. I didn't want The Cheat or Strong Mad to get in the way of his stay, so I got Strong Mad to stay at Homestar's house and The Cheat to stay here. Amadeus and I checked emails for half of that time. When the killer was gone Amadeus returned to school. He was that scared about it, and one of his teachers weren't going in for that day, so I deiced to become a sub for that day.

Woybff:That's lovely Strong Bad.

Sylvia:More like My Lovely Merry.

Woybff:Horse Mom no.

Rainbow Strike:*walks inside* What's a My Lovely Merry.

Woybff:Recalled knockoff My Little Pony in Poland.

Rainbow Strike:Sylvia no.

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