The Cheat Day

Sylvia:The table's set, the dishes are cleaned, and that should be it.

Rainbow Strike:Sylvia?

Sylvia:Yeah Strike?

Strike:What is a The Cheat?

Sylvia:I'm just gonna have to show you the Homestar Runner wiki definition.


Woybff:*hugs Sylvia*

Sylvia:I see you too. I'm not trying to-

Woybff:It's not about that Syl.

Sylvia:Hm? What's the matter?

Woybff:I had a nightmare.


Sylvia:What happened.

Woybff:I was at school. I was punching people, I yelled at Stellar, and I didn't have a shirt on. Also I didn't get eat anything because some idiot dropped my tray.

Strike:But you were in-

Woybff:Nothin' Idk.

Sylvia:Maybe you were role playing as Strong Bad.


Wander:He's here.

Strong Bad and The Cheat:*walk in*

Strong Bad:It's so nice of you, Woybff, to put this little party together for The Cheat.

Jubliee Jigsaw:*walks* I got you present The Cheat.

Peri:*walks in* This is just like Trogdor day.

Strong Bad:But it's Tuesday, Peri.


All:*sit down*

Cilan:I cooked you all beans and ham.

Strong Bad:Cilan, The Cheat likes pizza.

Cilan:I was hoping you would say that. Here's your present The Cheat. *gives The Cheat a pizza trophy*

The Cheat:*claps*



Strong Bad:Woybff, you nightmares are warning you about something or in this cause, someone.


Strong Bad:Someone so bad from Woybff's past.

Peri:How bad were they?

Strong Bad:She also killed herself at twelve.

Woybff:True story.

Peri:*cries* This person must be stopped.

Strong Bad:*hugs Woybff* I know she's been on a long journey to meet me.

Woybff:It was really long one. *hugs back*

Strong Bad:You almost got there if Homestar didn't throw you off.

Woybff:I blame Kindergarten.

Strong Bad:Yeah.

The Cheat:*runs to get Strong Bad*

Strong Bad:What is it.

The Cheat:(Wander's on the floor. He's either drunk or dead.)

Strong Bad:Holy crap. *runs upstairs*


Woybff:The Cheat can you stop smoking.

The Cheat:(Nah kid.)

Woybff:Well try for me.

All:*make it in the room*

Wander:*on the ground*

Sylvia:Wander? Wander?! Wander?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries* WANDER!!!! Answer me!


The Cheat:*hugs Strong Bad* *cries a little*

Woybff:Are you here?

Strike:Sylvia, I love you. Please don't cry.

Sylvia:He was my best friend, and I took him for granite. *cries* WANDER!!!!!?

Wander:Save Woybff! *closes eyes*

Sylvia:*shakes him* WANDER WHAT!!??

The Cheat:*slaps him*

Wander:Someone's comin' for her.


Wander:Oh also I'm going into a coma, I'm not dying. *faints*

Strong Bad:What the crap.

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