Zora in Weddings and Fires

Shae Sellers:I can't believe we are getting married.

Woybff:*cries in her room*

Zora:Stop crying!

Woybff:What are you doing here?

Zora:Marzipan wanted me to stay here. Why are you crying?

Woybff:Well I have to go to this crappy wedding.

Zora:I'll go instead. Who is it Violet?

Woybff:Commander Peepers' wedding.

Zora:Alright, I will go.

Woybff:Thanks so much.

Zora:*wears a dress and walks out*

Sylvia:Woybff, you do realize that Zora hates autistics?

Woybff:Well there's not to much I can do that Syl.

Sylvia:Well I'm not going. Who the frap thinks Peepers and I would be a good couple.

Woybff:I do! Just kidding Rainbow Power is totally better.

Sylvia:Thanks Woybff. *almost kisses her*

Homestar:*stands in the way* Sylvia, Woybff says your not her foster daughter anymore.

Sylvia:What, then who's gonna watch her?

Homestar:Her aunt/step mom.

Sylvia:Oh fine. I'll live with Wander. *walks out*


Strong Bad:*kicks The Cheat into Woybff's arms*

The Cheat:*hugs Woybff*

Woybff:*hugs back*

The Cheat:*turns on Told You Once*

Zora:*enters* Oh hello Wander and whoever you are.

Wander:Hi Zora. Andrea, this is Zora. I ate dinner with her and Sylvia last night.

Andrea:Hi Zora, I'm autistic.

Zora:*hums No Vacation*

Andrea:Is she okay, Wander?

Wander:I don't know.

Commander Peepers:The wedding is going to start. Hello Zora.

Andrea:He's autistic too.

Zora:*sings No Vacation*

Commander Peepers:Did you write that?

Zora:No that's my favorite band, you idiot!

Peepers:Okay, okay. *stands by the priest*

Shae:*walks down the aisle*

Zora:*sings Hey Elevator over the music*

Shae:*stares at Zora*

Zora:*stares at her back when she is finished*

Shae:This is my wedding day, you got a problem?

Zora:Yes, I do. For some odd reason, my sister is crying because you too had to get married or something.

Shae:There's nothing odd about it. Wander, have you seen Woybff?

Zora:I'm her twin sister.

Shae:She hasn't told me anything about you.

Zora:That's because I got kidnapped by a fat man at the hospital.

Shae:Screw this. *walks to Peepers*

Zora:Hey, wait a minute. How old are you? You look like Woybff or close to her age.

Shae:I'm over the age of eighteen.

Zora:I'm shaming anyone when I say, burn this marriage! Burn Sylvia X Peepers!

Shae:I'm not Sylvia.

Rainbow Strike:This chick is right.

Zora:This wedding can't happen today or any day after June 18th.

Shae:I'm just make it June 18th just to mess with you.

Zora:No that's Josh Dun's birthday.

Shae:Who's Josh Dun?

Peepers:Is he from that band you like?

Zora:No, he's from Twenty One Pilots. That's Woybff's favorite band. I don't want that day to be ruined for her.

Peepers:So what your saying is?

Zora:*calls Sunil* Sunil, move us to the Mattel Factory. *hangs out*

Sunil:*teleports them to the Mattel Factory*

Shae:I don't have a passport.

Andrea:Nor do I.

Wander:Don't worry folks.

Zora:You think I could burn a church. Nah, I'm gonna burn something my sister hates.

Wander:Why do you know so much about Woybff?

Zora:The Brothers Chaps. Now run! *causes a fire in the Mattel Factory* *sings Strawberryfire*

(All of the guest made it out alive.)

Andrea:Wander is she crazy?

Wander:She's crazy hot.



Peepers:Wait until the kids hear about this.

Shae:This is a day we'll always member, like the day when I met you.

Zora:*walks out of the fire* Wait you have kids?

Shae:Sorry if you asexual like Woybff.

Zora:Look, you all need to follow rules. Not just Woybff's, your parents, and your town rules. Everyone needs structure. I'm heteromantic like my sister.

Shae:Good I'm-

Peepers:I'm going to educate you on that kinda stuff. Let's go to a Waffle House with a sign on our rented car that says "Almost Married".


Zora:*calls Sunil to teleport them to Waffle House*

Shae and Peepers:*teleports them to Waffle House*

Wander:You love Woybff.

Zora:Shut up, Wander! I don't.

Andrea:You burned a dang factory for her.

Wander:Sorry, Andrea, I have to go to a Baskin Ribbons commercial.

Zora:One sec. *calls Sunil*


Andrea:Wander and I think your twin sister loves you, Woybff. She burned the Mattel factory.

Woybff:She did, and I wasn't there to see it? Oh crap.

Strong Bad:Luckily someone got it on camera.

Woybff:*watches it*

Strong Bad:Oh Woybff, when comes to Mattel in great danger, I can count you on to cheer on the arson.

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