The Zbornak pt.1

Sylvia:Wander, where's Woybff?

Wander:I was going to ask you that I can't either.

Derpy:We also can't find her.

Sylvia:Where could she be?

Peepers:*brakes in Woybff's ship* Wait Woybff is gone? I want to help find her.

Sylvia:Sorry flarp natter. *pushes Peepers out of the window*

Sunil:Look a note.

Wander:*picks up* It says"I was kidnapped by someone special. I can think of Peaches or Craig and the other, but I bet they didn't do it.

Sylvia:*remembers Woybff's coach* Guys I think I know, it was Woybff's coach.


Suni:Yes Sylvia.

Derpy:*nods* But how?

Sylvia:She is use to special to her and that's the only other than Peepers.

Peepers:*get back on* *breaths* But I didn't do it.

Sylvia:*punches him*

Peepers:*flies out of the ship screaming*

Derpy:I don't know Sylvia. I staying here just in case your wrong.

Sunil:I stay with Derpy.

Wander:*hops on Sylvia* I'm comin' with you.

Sylvia:*puts Wander back on the grounded* I'm sorry buddy I'd be really upset if anyone happen to you.

Wander:Good luck Sylvia!


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