Ep.462 and Ep.463 The Good Times pt.1

Woybff:I want to die, Zora.

Zora:Cookie? Uh...we need to take you to Bubs.

Woybff:Zora, Bubs isn't a doctor.

Zora:Oh yeah. Well look at yourself, you aren't the WOY fan you first new. You are a different person. This must be some disorder.


Zora:How about we get a doctor over-


Zora:Please Woybff. It's only to make you well.

Woybff:No. I'm scared to go.

Zora:I wasn't going to come to this but I have to. Hey Moonbeam!

Moonbeam:*walks in* Yes.

Zora:I'll give you twenty bucks if you murder Homestar.

Woybff:Fine I'll go.

Zora:Never mind.

(at some doctor's office)

Woybff:Why did you do that?

Zora:For your own good.

Woybff:I hate that you did that.

Zora:I hate that you're sad and depressed.

Woybff:I hate that too.

Zora:I hate that your older.


Zora:Not really. Being the second oldest is alright.

Woybff:You use to be the third oldest. We had a brother. He died from lead poisoning.

Zora:Oh my.

Woybff:Wait a minute, Zora, you forgot about Dr.Octavia.

Zora:Oh yeah, screw this.

(back at the castle)

Dr.Octavia:Alright Woybff, what brings you here?

Woybff:Zora thinks I have depression.

Dr.Octavia:Since you don't like WOY anymore I would say yes.

Zora:This is a joke right?

Dr.Octavia:I'm a legit doctor, not a quack like Bubs.

The Good Times pt.2

Zora:*runs around the castle*

Dr.Octavia *looks out the window*:I'm working on her too.

Homestar:Hey Zora, can we race?

Zora:Not now Bertie. I see Emily and James coming.

Dr.Octavia:Woybff does she like Thomas too?


Zora:*runs to Wander, Andrea, and Craig* I can be the princess for Woybff at the castle.

Craig:How long have you guys been watching the show?


Zora:2013. This one kid watched it. I was his only friend. He was the same kid that played Apples in Stereo for me.

Craig:It's also up to Wander.

Zora:Who do you like more, me or Andrea?


Moonbeam:*runs to Wander*

Craig:Stop! You look like the perfect princess.


Craig:You are the new princess of WOY now.

Andrea:That's not fair.

Wander:She is her sister.

Zora:That works.

Craig:The crowning is tomorrow.


Woybff:The good times are-

Moonbeam:You should be happy-

Woybff:Sorry, I misheard Craig.

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