The Zbornak pt. 2

Sylvia:I'm comin' for ya Woybff! *looks* thinks:Where to begin, there's noway I can find her....Stellar! No no she'll beat me up  amd she wouldn't know. Hm?

April:Sylvia what are you doing and where is Wander?

Sylvia:On hi April I don't think you can help me and Wander at Woybff's ship, I didn't what him to get hurt.

April:Come with me, I was one my way home, may I can help you.

At April's House.

Sylvia:You see April I trying to find Woybff, I think her coach kidnapped her.

April:That's not a great coach, do you what any jellyfish pie?


April:*gives Sylvia some jellyfish pie*

Sylvia:Thanks April.

April:I don't think I know anyone as a coach...does Goofy, Micky Mouse, and...I can't think of anymore, do they count?


Someone:*knocks one the door*

April:Who is it?

Someone:This Jack.

April:Come in Jack, Sylvia is there.

Jack:*walks to Sylvia* Hi Sylvia *sits at the table* Where's Wander?

April:Sylvia is on a quest looking for Woybff , she lifted Wander because she was worried he'd get hurt. She thinks Woybff's coach did it?

Jack:I do know a coach. *shows Sylvia a picture on his phone*

Sylvia:That's her, what's her name?

Jack:Sliverswirl, Coach Sliverswirl, that's it.

Sylvia:Thanks April and Jack, but I gotta get goin', I gotta save that kid, she's Wander Over Yonder's biggest fan forever and I love her.

April:Go Sylvia, save Woybff.

Jack:Yes go Sylvia.

Sylvia:*leaves* thinks:Where are you Sliverswirl?

Rydner:*sticks up on Syl*


Ryder:Sylvia it's me Ryder.

Sylvia:I know I trying to find a friend.

Ryder:Where's that flarp natter you call Wander?

Sylvia:I didn't him want to get hurt. Do you know a Sliverswirl?

Ryder:Yeah, she's I promise I know where she is. *takes Sylvia to her house*

Sylvia:Thanks Ryder I got this.

Ryder:Do ya miss me?


Ryder:Okay. *walks away*

Sylvia:*brakes down the door*

Sliverswirl:Well hld your horse there...wait your one of Woybff friends, I think Commander Peepers kidnapped her.

Sylvia:*remenbers what Peepers' said* No because he loves her.

Coach Sliverswirl:I love her too.

Both:*hear crying in the back room*

Coach Sliverswirl:*smiles*

Sylvia:I know it's you.

Sliverswirl:*stops her* Maybe some tea.

Sylvia:*walks around her* Maybe later.

Sliverswirl:*tries to stop her* Maybe a sign this paper to end McDonalds.

Sylvia:*sides under her legs* After I get Woybff.

Sliverswirl:Back rud.

Sylvia:Heck yeah. *wakes up two hours later* Huh? *takes to break free* makes it out of the trap* Woybff?

Woybff:I'm in the back room. *sounds like she is hurt*

Sylvia:*runs* *looks at Woybff* Why are you a little bigger than I remenber? And I know her name.

Woybff:Coach Sliverswirl fed me too many cookies.

Sylvia:What else did she do? Are you in any pain?

Woybff:Things I can't say now and yes I'm in pain.

Sliverswirl:Oh no.

Sylvia:I knew all along, look what you did to Woybff, you stuffed that kid with cookies.

Sliverswirl:They were whole grain.

Sylvia:I don't care. She has a stomach ache.

Woybff:Ow..Sylvia is right. *starts to cry*

Sylvia:*takes Woybff and runs away* Are ya alright Woybff?

Woybff:No, take me home Sylvia.

Sylvia:That's what I doin'.

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