The WOY hater

Someone:*marching around* Wander Over Yonder sucks (x3).

Woybff:*jumps out of her ship* No it does.

Someone:Yes it does butthead.

All WOY characters Woybff likes, Watchcats, Peaches, Derpy and Sunil:*at her side*

Watchcat:Stop it and who are you?

Someone:Never, I hate Wander Over Yonder with a passion. And I'm Dolphin Queen, shut up ya little buttface.

Gold:Sunny is NOT a buttface.

Sunny:Thanks Gold.

Peepers:Who do what to send in first?

Woybff:Li' Bits.

Little Bits:*runs and tries to be cute*

Brad Starlight:You don't love me.

Woybff:Brad Starlight go check your mailbox.

Brad:Okay. *runs to his house*

Dolphin Queen:*kills Little Bits*

Sunil:I'll bring her back to life later.

Woybff:Thanks Sunil and now Watchcats attack them, Gold do you what to this.

Gold:I'll do anything for Lady Woybff.

Woybff:Thanks Gold.

Gold:No prob. *goes out there with army*

Lord Hater:Can I go?

Woybff:No I don't what you to died, Jack would cry.

Lord Hater:Sunil can bring me back to life.

Woybff:He could forget the spell.


Wander:Okay come on back kitties.

Watchcats:*run back*

Woybff:What happen Wander?

Wander:She also killed them.

Dolphin Queen:Shut up freakin' idiot and you and Woybff were welcome in my town Dolphin land.

Wander:I was trying to help.

Sylvia:Shut up your flarpin' face everyone on here is flarpin' perfect, but you.

Peaches:That's awesome Sylvia.

Dolphin Queen:Idiots, freakin' idiots.

Peaches:But were smart.

Dolphin Queen:I SAID SHUT UP!

Peaches:*hids behind Sylvia*

Wander:*runs away*

Woybff:Wander come back. Look you made my friend upset.

Dolphin Queen:I don't freakin' care, shut up you idiot, he ran away 'cause your a idiot and butthead!

Peaches and Sylvia:*hugs Woybff*

Peaches:Don't worry Woybff, Wander could of just got scared, you better than that.

Sylvia:Don't listen to that flarp natter, Peaches is right, you have have a sweet heart, like Wander's.

Sunil:Let's attack her with touches!

Derpy:Yeah she gonna play!

Sylvia:*looks up* It's Wander and Craig and Lauren. Also Tom? And Jack and April.

Wander, Craig, Lauren, Tom, Jack and April:*walk down*

Craig:*walks to Dolphin Queen* How dare you hate Wan-

Dolphin Queen:*hits Craig*

Everyone else:*gasps*

Craig:*falls* She didn't hurt me, I'm just tried.

Wander:*hugs Craig*

April:She needs to go.

Dolphin Queen:How are you going to do that?

Jack:Easy, Wander can't you and Woybff sing a song?

Wander:I don't think that's the answer, but this might. Hater come and get me.

Hater:*rans after Wander*

Dolphin Queen:I tried of this bull crap. *gets off the planet*

Woybff:I WILL GET THAT FLARP NATTER IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO WANDER, SYLVIA, SUNIL, DERPY, AND THE WATCHCATS GET BACK TO THE SHIP!! *looks at Craig, Lauren, April, Jack, and Tom's displeased faces* I'm sorry...

Lauren:That's okay, you just couldn't help it.

April:Sylvia has told me you were autistic and a huge Wander fan that's nothing to be ashamed about that you, just didn't not you were so stressed about that her.

Tom:I dislike her too, I bet you love Peepers don't you?

Woybff:Yes I do, I think of him as a good guy.

Lauren:thinks:Just like Wander and Hater.

Craig:thinks:She does live up to her name, I hope she didn't see the panel, I bet she did.

Tom:Does he like you?

Peepers:Yeah I love Woybff, Tom. I wrote a song for her. *walks away*

Jack:I see you care about most of the characters a lot. And she's just rude.

Craig:I agree Jack and do you think you can go to the studios at this day. *shows Woybff the day*


Craig:Bye Woybff.

Lauren:See you later.

April:Good bye.

Jack:Can I give you a hug?


Jack:*hugs* See you later Woybff.

Tom:See you soon.

Woybff:Bye guys I love you.

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