The Band


Wander:*plays his banjo*

Derpy:*looks around*

Wander:You what to play something to Derpy?


Wander:How about a Triangle, I like you'll like it Derpy all you do is hit the stick on the Triangle.

Derpy:*tries to play it* *smiles*

Wander:Here you can have it. *gives Derpy the Triangle* *hears low sing*

Derpy and Wander:*walks into Sunil room*

Sunil:Just Wander Over Yonder and turn your life-*looks at them and jumps on the wall*

Derpy:Were sorry Sunil. Look at what Wander give me. It Triangle.

Wander:Ding! We should have band, I play my banjo, Derpy plays her Triangle and Sunil sings.

Sunil:But Wander I have stage fight.

Wander:Well Woybff won't do it and she got one of the best sing voices.

Syliva:I hear that!

Wander:Well it's true Sylvia.

Sunil:Angle had a great sing voice.

Wander:Well bring her back to life like me and Little Bits.

Sunil:Right away. *brings Angle back to life*


Sunil:It worked! How is the after life like?

Angle:It's amazing, but I missed you. *hugs Sunil*

Wander:*gives Angle some music he wrote*

Angle:This is beautiful Wander, I will sing in your band.

Sunil:How did you know we had a band.

Angle:I check on you sometimes.

A week later

Wander:Perfect guys were ready.

Angle:One problem I have a sore throat.

Derpy:Aw Sunil!


Wander:Derpy what to sing inside of play or Triangle?

Derpy:Both. Why can you sing them?

Wander:Oh yeah thanks Derpy, I guess you saved the show after all.

Woybff:Guys Dolphin Queen banned you from doing that.


Derpy:*flies away to Dolphin Queen* I hate you!

Dolphin Queen:*catches Derpy in a net*

Derpy:*falls out and runs away*

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