The Red Dragon


Red Dragon:*makes random sounds (like in Baby Bach)*

Sunil:*screams* *rans out of his bed room and calls Starlight*

Sylvia:*walks to Sunil* Hey Sunil what's wrong buddy?

Sunil:*hugs Sylvia* There is a red dragon in my room.

Sylvia:*goes in Sunil's room* *walks back out* Sunil your imagination was playing tricks on you. It's okay buddy happens to Wander all the time.

Sunil:But Sylvia I show him. *cries*

Sylvia:How about you sleep with Wander and I for the rest of the night.


Next night.


Red Dragon:*makes random noises*

Derpy:*wakes up* thinks:What the heck is that thing. *runs out of the room crying*

Woybff:Derpy are you alright?

Derpy:*hugs Woybff* I saw a red dragon, *cries*

Woybff:*hugs back* How about you sleep in my room for the rest of the night.

Derpy:Sure thing. *clams down*

Next night

Woybff:*dreaming* Jack:So Miss Woybff was the biggest day we ever had to together. Woybff:Yeah it was Jack. Jack:Can I have a hug. Woybff:Ye-*wakes up*

Red dragon:*makes random noises*

Woybff:*cries and screams* *runs out of the room*

Wander:*opens his door* Woybff.

Woybff:*hugs Wander*

Wander:*hugs back* What's wrong?

Woybff:There is a red dragon in my room. *cries*

Sylvia:*points head out of the door* If I recall Sunil had this problem two nights ago.

Woybff:So did Derpy. *cries*

Wander:You can sleepy with us tonight.

Woybff:Thank you *runs into their room*

Next night

Sylvia:Now Wander are you sure your okay with me not being the room with you tonight buddy?

Wander:Yes. *falls a sleep and starts to dream* Wander:Keep makin' more brownies Lauren. Lauren:I trying as fast as I can Wander. Wander:*hugging a Milky Way plush Lauren made* Lauren:*takes tray to him* Wander:Thank you starts eating* Craig:*walks in* Uh Lauren why are you making Wander more bownies. Lauren:*smiles* Wander:*wakes up*

Red Dragon:*makes random noises*

Wander:*screaming, crying, running out of his bed room*

Sylvia and Woybff:*waking up*

Sylvia:Wander? Wander!

Derpy:*wakes up and open the dragon*

Red dragon:*cases Wander*

Derpy:*cries* Oh no!

Sunil:*wakes up and walks outside*

Red Dragon:*sings (like in Baby Bach)*

Sunil:Not you again.

Woybff and Sylvia:*walk out*

Snowy:*wakes up and lines there*


Sylvia:*runs behind Red dragon* *sees it's name on the tag* thinks: Zylon Dragon huh? *catches Zylon*

Zylon:*teleports away*

Wander:*hugs Sylvia*

Woybff:Sylvia I'm scared.

Sunil:We're all scared of that thing Woybff.

All, but Sylvia:*hug close to Sylvia*

Sylvia: thinks:These guys really need my help, *hugs back* You guys are my friends and my friends are awesome. I'll protect all of you from Zylon, that red dragon.


Next night

Sylvia:*dreaming* April:So Sylvia this is Woybff. Sylvia:Yeah I didn't know she would hid let me talk to her. *walks to Woybff* Sylvia:Woybff please, I'll tell April not to laugh at you. Woybff:*likes at her with demon-like eyes* Sylvia Zylon Dragon going to come and kidnap you. Sylvia:Woybff clam down. Woybff:NEVER I MUST PROTECT YOU!!!! Sylvia:Woybff take a deep breath and- Woybff:He is here.

Sylvia:*wakes up*

Zylon:*in her face* *makes random noises*

Sylvia:*graddes it*

Zylon:*takes Sylvia away to a place*

Sylvia: thinks:Where am I? *trying to run away but losing*

Zylon:*makes random noises (even scarer and louder in the movie)*

Sylvia:*cries* I thought I would win. *counted weeping*

Zylon:*smiles and counted making those sounds*

Sylvia:*cries* think:No one will recuse me *stomach growls* thinks:Great I'm hurgry.

Zylon:*counted making those sounds*

Sylvia:*counted to weep*

Wander:*bangs on the glass*

Sylvia:*looks at Wander with sad eyes*

Wander:*throwing a rock in the glass, braking it and also landed on Zylon head*

Sylvia:*runs to Wander*

Wander:*hops on her back and uses orbble juice*


Wander:What a midnight snack? *showing Sylvia a apple*

Sylvia:Sure buddy thank you. *takes apple*

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