The Sad Pegasus

Wander:Hi Derpy.

Derpy:Oh hello Wander wanna a muffin?


Derpy:*gives Wander a muffin*

Wander:*eats it*

Woybff:Hello there my beautiful Pegasus. *rumbles Derpy's head*

Derpy:Hi Woybff what a muffin?

Woybff:Maybe later Derpy.

Derpy:*walks* Oh good morning Sunil

Sunil:Good moring Derpy.

Derpy:What a muffin?


Derpy:*gives Sunil a muffin*

Sunil:*eats it*

Someone:*knocks on the door*

Wander:I'll get it. *opens the door* Oh hi Miss Krips don't eat me!

Miss Krips:Don't worry I'm just checking for your eating heath.

Woybff:*walks to Wander* What's she doing here?

Wander:She checking if were eating heath.

Derpy:*eating a muffin*

Miss Krips:*takes Derpy's muffin*

Derpy: thinks:Hey that meanie took my muffin. Why did you take my muffin?

Miss Krips:Because is unheathy.

Derpy:But but bu-

Miss Krips:No buts about it.

Sylvia:Process report?

Miss Krips:Keep the gray one off the muffins.

Sylvia:Why muffins have grain and fruit, plus Derpy doesn't weight that much.

Miss Krips:I don't care. *walks out of the door*

Sylvia:*walks to Derpy* I'm sorry Derpy, eating muffins won't hurt you, but smoking does hurt you so DON'T do that. I rather eat my favorite food that smoke, so you pick a better a choice if your eating muffins than that stuff.

Derpy*looks like she going to cry*

Sylvia:It's alright.

Derpy:I going to fly away. *breaks out of Woybff's ship space and flies away. *her wing gets hit by a rock* *she lands on a planet* *wakes up in a blue blanket* Huh?

Westley:*walks up to Derpy* I think I remember you from some where.

Derpy:That battle with Dolphin Queen.

Westley:Oh yeah do you what to be back with Wander and Woybff?

Derpy:No I flied away from her ship. Because someone mean told me I should eating muffins.

Westley:I never treated muffins before.

Derpy:Luckily for both of us I bought a muffin a lot. *gives it to Westley*

Westley:You what me to try a muffin.


Westley:*eats it* *it blows his mind* My mind is blown, that was the greatest thing in the universe. I love it! Who ever told you that most of been mean.

Derpy:Well she tried to cook Wander and Woybff once.

Westley:Your wing is heal if you what to go.

Derpy:Don't you what to come with me to eat more muffins.

Westley:Maybe another day.

Derpy:Okay I understand. *hugs Westley*

Westley:*hugs back*

Derpy:*flies away*

Westley:thinks:I love muffins and Derpy. What? Well she is nice. Hm? When should I try and found Woybff's space ship? Now I guess. What how do I get off this planet?! Now I'll never eat a another muffin again why? *hears a noise* What was that?

Yellow zbornak with green hair:*walking* *see Westley*  thinks:It's a watchdog, but it's hat is different.

Westley:*turns* Yes! *walks up to it* don't be scared I'm quiet being a watchdog, they think I'm died what's your name?

Yellow zbornak:I'm Sunny.

Westley:I'm Westley it's nice to meet you. Can we friends and can travel the galaxy to together?

Sunny:Sure I got some orbbe juice here I carry it in my blue bag on my back, it is also use as a saddle.


Sunny:*uses orbbe juice* What's are first stop?

Westley:Woybff's ship, I tell you when we get there.

Sunny:Your cute Westley.

Westley:I like your mane.

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