The revenge

Sylvia:*walks in Sunil's room* Uh Sunil you haven't did doing any magic any really anything at all what's wrong?

Sunil:WHAT'S WRONG, my girl friend killed herself and a Red Dragon scared me. I working on getting revenge on Dolphin Queen.

Woybff:*pops in* You want to get revenge on Dolphin Queen, I want to, too. Can we join forces.

Sunil:Well Woybff were on the same team after all, sure.

Woybff:This going to be like the time Lord Hater and Bard Starlight team up. Let's do.

2 hours later

Sunil:Everything is a go, just remember if I dead teach this spell to Twilight.

Woybff:I'll also tell Sylvia just in case I die too. *goes and tells Sylvia*

Sunil:think:I'm coming to get you (Dolphin Queen), you flarpin' hater.

Woybff:*comes back* Really.

Sunil:Yes *teleports to Dolphin Queen room*

Dolphin Queen:NOW YOU GUYS DIED!!!!

A rope falls

Someone:Grap on!

Woybff and Sunil:*climbs it*

It's Sylvia.

Woybff and Sunil:Sylvia!

Sylvia:Let's get out of here.

Sunil:*teleport's back to Woybff's ship*

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