The Wanderer

Narrator:Once was cute..what is his species called? Okay that's not important. Once was a traveler named Wander. Everything is unknown about is back story. He wears a hat,

Wander:*look up at his head*

Narrator:he has a best friend named Sylvia,

Wander:*sitting on Sylvia*

Narrator:She is a zbornak.

Sylvia:Finally someone gets it right.

Narrtor:They been friends long have you been friends?

Wander:*opens his mouth*

Sylvia:*covers his mouth* Wander don't say it.


Narrator:Moving on. Wander had other friends, he met later after landing on this planet. *showing the planet first episode one* He met a mongoose and a human girl. The mongoose being Sunil.


Narrator:Sunil and Wander been friends year, 5 months, 11 days, and about 5 hours. Someones Wander would rub Sunil's stomach,

Wander:*rubing Sunil's stomach*

Narrator:because he would say to Sunil.

Wander:You're so cute Sunil.

Narrator:Now that human girl was named Woybff. She is Wander's biggest fan, and she loved him.

Woybff:*hugging Wander* I love you Wandie.

Wander:*hugs back*I love you too Woybff.

Narrator:Wander was Woybff hero and she stop at nothing to protect him, from fan girls like Missy.


Missy:I WILL get Wander to stay with me Woybf-

Sunil:*drops a big black ball on Missy*

Narrator:Woybff and Wander were besties, but the only thing Wander couldn't do to her was acting like a bad guy or this.

Wander:*tries to rub Woybff's stomach*

Woybff:*takes Wander's arm and threw on the floor* Oh no I'm sorry Wander.

Wander:It's okay Woybff, I should know better and also you don't like belly rubs and your not a pet like Sunil.

Woybff:*walks to Wander lifts him off the floor into her arms* I love you Wander.

Wander:I love you too.

Narrator:And there was Derpy. Wander loved Derpy.

Wander:*pats Derpy on the head*

Narrator:He would give Derpy muffins.

Wander:*gives Derpy a muffin*

Narrator:And Derpy would say.

Derpy:Thanks Wander, now I have love in my tummy. :)

Narrator:Or sometimes five minutes later if Derpy has a stomach ache.

Derpy:Wander, the muffin you gave me is taking over my tummy!

Narrator:And Wander would say.

Wander:*laughs* *walks to Derpy and sit by her* Derpy, your belly is not going to be taken over by a muffin, it's just hurting.


Narrator:And there was Wander's "enemies", Lord Hater and Commander Peepers. Lord Hater hates Wander with all his heart and Wander..loves him.

Wander:*hugs Lord Hater*

Narrator:But why?

Wander:I know deep down inside Hater's not evil. *smiles*

Narrator:Then there's Peepers. Peepers likes Woybff and Sunil, will he loves Woybff.

Wander:*hugs Peepers*

Narrator:The same goings for Peepers, he hates Wander, he calls him.

Peepers:Get off me you wandering weirdo.

Narrator:But Wander doesn't mind, but Sylvia does.

Peepers:Wait what.

Sylvia:*punches Peepers*


Narrator:Wander loves all of this friends you see, that guy is the friendliest face in outer space.


Narrator:Oh Missy going to kidnap Wander, what you going to do Woybff?


Sylvia:*beats up Missy* *drags Missy back home*


Narrator:The En-

Wander:No wait, I just what to say I love everyone but bullies, the devil, Stellar, Mattel, lead paint monsters, Ronald McDonald. So you do fit in any of those thing I love you. *hugs the camera*

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