For all autistic.

The Community

Woybff:If you knew what is was like Wander, maybe Celestia was trying help you. *slams her bedroom door*

Sylvia:What's wrong with Woybff?

Wander:I don't know Sylvia.

Sylvia:*walks to Woybff's bedroom door* Woybff can I come in?


Sylvia:*walks in and sits with Woybff on her bed* What's troublein' ya?

Woybff:Well I don't think anyone understands me.

Sylvia:What do you mean by that.

Woybff:My autism.

Sylvia:Aw I understand now, you feel like this isn't right.


Sylvia:Aw you know I love you. *hugs Woybff*

Woybff:*hugs back*

Sylvia:Don't worry I am going to build an Autism Community to support you.

A week later

Sylvia:thinks:Maybe no will show up.

Bard the Dragon:Hey can someone unlock the door we been out here for a while isn't time to start.

Sylvia:*face palm* *unlocks the door* Take a sit everyone, I'm sorry.

Everyone outside:*runs to the table and sit down*

Sylvia:*walks and sits in a chair* Okay everyone to are first meeting of WHAC, We Heart Autism Community, we are first we are going to tell who we are supporting in this. I will go first, I'm supporting Woybff but may of you know that.

Bard:I am supporting Woybff and other autistics that like Baby Einsten.

Lord Hater:You know that's for baby and toddlers.

Bard:I'm the most know character so blah to you.

Wilt:I'm here supporting everybody. *smiles*

Brad Starlight:I'm supporting myself and Woybff.

Peaches:I'm supporting autism it-self and Woybff too I guess.

Wander:We, Sunil and I are supporting Woybff.

Sunil:And I am so supporting my good friend Russell.

Russell:And everyone here has been delightful.

Peepers:I am here supporting Woybff.

Lord Hater:So I am.

Peepers:Sir did you forget?

Lord Hater:And Peepers. *looking at the guy sitting by him* Were you going to speak!

Peaches:Lord Hater don't yell at him.

Lord Hater:I'm sorry I didn't know you're autistic Peepers.

Peepers:Don't mind him he is new to autism.

The guy sitting by Lord Hater:*gets out his Ipad* *turns it on* Hi I'm Harold Goettins, call I perter to be called "Harry", I a trying to support autism's acceptance, than curing it, I better like my mouth to be closed because my older brother gets wiped everyday because swears. I also hate swearing. So I hope you all believe the same, and I won't been able to come if it was for the my cousin's friend Gold.

Gold:Aw..hey I glad you could-


Sylvia:But why.

Someone:I'm the boss/leader of AMD, Autism Must Die, this should.

Harry:types:Stop James I like me like this.

Sylvia:I stop James and his "Autism charity".

Bard:Sylvia I can do this. You go away or I say a poem about autism.

Everyone (but Harry):A poem?!

Bard:Stop your attacking of hate to Autistic; They are more than autistic; They are loved; They are kind; They are-

Harry:*types:I'm sorry Bard, but this is not the best solution. Why are you doing this James?

James:Harry I what to, just let me.

Peepers:We won't let you.

Gold:Tear him a part people!

Sylvia:I can beat him up now?


Sylvia:*beats up James*

Harry:*types* Sylvia must love Woybff.

Wander:We all do.

Wilt:That's right, we, Coco, Blossom and I were worried about her future, but I think she'll do okay.

Blossom:I'm late, so sorry.

Wilt:What about Coco?

Coco:Coco (x7) (I got hurt, Bubbles is not doctor) *smiles with tongue out*

Sylvia:Help me Blossom!

Blossom:I also need Sunil's help. I need you to make the AMD members to stay they.

Sunil:*uses make to my them that way*

15 mintues later

Blossom:Okay girls let's take them to jail.

30 mintues later

Blossom:Were done.

Sylvia:Good, oh no the meeting is over.


Wander:thinks:Maybe Bard is going to be good now?

Harry:*types*:When is the next meeting?

Sylvia:I don't know.

Foxy:I'm sorry ol' Foxy was late. Maybe next Friday we should have a meeting I'll asked Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica to help me.

Chica:Foxy we'll help you.

Freddy:Yeah we weren't maybe for scaring people crapless.

Sylvia:Friday then.

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