The Man

Sylvia:We met you guys down here after you guys get done with Peepers.

Woybff:Okay see you later Sylvia.

Sunil:Yes bye.

Woybff and Sunil:*walk into Lord Hater's ship*

Peepers:Nice to see you friends.

Sunil:Nice to see you too Peepers.

Peepers:I got a meeting with Lord Hater can you guys watch the watchdogs, tell them if they don't listen to you, you'll play this. *hands a DVD of Baby Mozart*

Woybff:That we can do.

Woybff and Sunil:*walk to the watchdogs*

Woybff:Hi guys we are Woybff and Sunil, Peepers told us you watch you guys, if you misbehave we'll force you to watch Baby Mozart. *holds the DVD up*

Pete:Ah it's the scary video!

all Watchdogs:*runs around and act all crazy*

Woybff and Sunil:*laughs*

Woybff:We shouldn't be laughing.

Sunil:Come on Woybff, it's so funny.

Woybff:*hears a noise* Sunil.


Woybff:Was that your tummy?

Sunil:No I'm not hungry at the moment. Did you amazing hears pick up a monster?

Woybff:No I think were not alone.

Sunil:I knew we couldn't trust Bard.

Woybff:Not a puppet..a human.

Sunil:*smiles* So your saying it could be Craig or Lauren.

Woybff:No, someone else I'm scared of.

Sunil:Woybff your coach is not-

Man:*step in the room*

Woybff:It's Keith Ferguson! Sunil you watch the Watchdogs. I have to tell Hatey and Peeperpie something. *runs*

Sunil:thinks:Maybe Woybff is scared of Keith. *looks at him*

Keith:Hey here, I see you know Lord Hater. friend and I do. *looks nervous*

Keith:Isn't he awesome.

Sunil:If I agree my other friend will hurt my little mongoose hinie.

Keith:I see. Where did you friend go?

Sunil:I won't tell you, I love my best friends, I love them to protect me.

Keith:What is. *looking at the video*

Sunil:*runs and gradds it*

Keith:You fast. I really want to see what's the video about.

Sunil:Well is not that great, the pilot doesn't make any sense.

Keith:If you don't you have to tell you tell where you friend is going you have to play the video.

Sunil:thinks:What's worst telling him one of Woybff's secrets or tell him where she is?


Sunil:Watchdogs you have to watch.


Joey:It's scary.

Watchdog:If you show him that he'll laugh at us.

Chad:If you make him watch that, we'll catch Wander and Sylvia.

Sunil:She went to Lord Hater's office.

Keith:Thanks. *walks there*


Peepers:*opens the door* When are you going to learn Bard-

Woybff:*shuts the door* Keith is on here.

Lord Hater:Oh, it will be okay Woybff.

Woybff:*hugs Lord Hater*

Peepers:Woybff, I know you kinda like him, but if want Keith to believe you scared of them you probably what to lay if the hugs, just saying.

Woybff:*stops hugging Hater*

Hater:And I'll go get one of the puppets.*walking into his closet*

Peepers:Make it the red one sir. I'm sorry Woybff, and thought we and Sunil could go to out to eat.

15 minutes later

Keith:*opens the door*

Peepers:He scaring for life, I told him not to do it.

Lord Hater:*moving Zylon Dragon puppet and makes it noises*

Woybff:Make it stop!! *runs into the wall*

Peepers:Oops, maybe I should thought she'd ran into a wall.

Keith:She must be pretty dumb.

Hater:She ain't dumb, she pretty smart.

Peepers:Yeah, Woybff who plays Lord Hater.


Sunil:She told me his full name.

Peepers:Who's watching the watchdogs.

Sunil:*holds up Baby Beethoven*

Peepers:Oh they like that.

Lord Hater:Woybff wants one the name of  the watchdogs?


Peepers:Woybff who created WOY?

Woybff:Craig McCracken.

Lord Hater:Who should we not trust Woybff?

Woybff:Mattel, McDonald's, iDuck firms, Julie Clark, and Stellar.

Peepers:Good job Woybff, you showed Keith how smart you are.

Woybff:What do I win?



Keith:That didn't change my mind.

Sunil:I knew that kid for two years and almost three months and she very bright.

Keith:Even let her do a math problem?

Sunil:She not that good with math.

Keith:I see.

Sunil:Come on Woybff we need to go.

Woybff:*walks with Sunil*

Woybff and Sunil:*get if Hater's ship**see Wander and Sylvia*

Sylvia:Back already?

Woybff:I'll be right back. *goes in the near by bathroom*

Sunil:thinks:I wish Keith knew how smart Woybff was, she knows if she stims in the bathroom, he can't get to her.

Keith:Wander and Sylvia why are friends with this dumb child?

Sylvia:*looks at Wander*

Wander:*looks at Sylvia*

Both:*looks at Sunil*

Sunil:She ran into a wall.

Wander:How dare you say that, she is a perfect angle. *looks angry*

Sylvia:Yeah she's smarter than you ever knew.

Keith:Where is she, did a car hit her? *smiles*

Wander and Sylvia:*anger highers*

Sylvia:No she's in the bathroom.

Wander:You better watch it Keith before we get Sunil to get are other friends.

Sunil:thinks:Why do I did the hard parts?

Keith:What does that kid know that I don't know?



Wander:Sylvia I was finished. Nothing because your older than her.

Sylvia:thinks:Wander sure is watching her.

Keith:I will I think she pretty dumb to ran into a wall.

Peepers:*watching* Sir, I think, I caused Keith to think of Woybff as stupid.

Lord Hater:Come on Peepers, just let go, Sylvia will punch him or something.

Wander:Well she had no other choice, Woybff is autistic.

Keith:I don't believe you.

Sylvia:Okay, I had ENOUGHT of you. *beats up Keith*

Craig:*stops to see Sylvia beating Keith* Sylvia stop why are you beating up Keith!?

Wander:Because he thinks that Woybff is dumb, and we told him she was autistic, Sylvia beated him up.

Keith:Make her stop!

Craig:I don't think she'll stop until you learn a thing or two about Autism.


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