The "Bad girl" pt.1

Woybff:thinks:All I feel is I can't trust or love myself. *walks* thinks:I guess I'll join Lord Hater's air. I leave a note* *packs* *writes a note* *leaves without saying goodbye*

30 mintues later


Hater:What! Oh sorry I thought you were Wander and Sylvia. You need Peepers Woybff, he is not busy at the moment.

Woybff:No I'd like to join your watchdog army.

Hater:Huh? thinks:Did she just say she wants to be with us? *stops think* Say that again.

Woybff:I'd like to join your watchdog army.

Lord Hater:thinks:Oh My Grop. *stops thinking* Come in.

Woybff:*walks in*

Lord Hater:You can keep your old clothes on.


Hater and Woybff:*keep walking*

Peepers:Hi sir and hi Woybff.

Hater:Hey Peepers. I need to talk to the Watchdogs. Woybff come with me. *walks*

Woybff:Sure thing. *follows Hater*

Peepers:thinks:I wondered why Woybff is following Hater?

Hater and Woybff:*walk in the room*

Lord Hater:Watchdogs, Woybff has deiced to join are army.


Watchdog #1:Woybff is joining are army?

Chad:This has to be a joke I with you there Frank.

Lord Hater:*starts hiting them with lighting* THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!!

Woybff:*rans out of the room* Peepers where is my bed?

Peepers:Did you join?

Woybff:Yeah, I deiced too.

Peepers:I don't know, did the Watchdogs not believe Lord Hater?

Woybff:No, isn't there some where I can have a meltdown.

Peepers:Go to my room, you can lay on bed, I don't mind. You can cry on my sheets and pillows. Just don't touch any buttons or a box that says "Lead Paint Toys, Destroy at all cost".

Woybff:Yes Peeperpie. *goes to Peepers' room and cry.

Wander:Guys I found a note.

Sylvia, Derpy, and Sunil:*come over*

Derpy:What does it say?

Wander:Dear Friends, I see my true negative power, so I join Lord Hater's army. Don't get me there, I better off staying there, I may come back. If you what to blame anyone, blame Stellar. Love, Woybff.


Sunil:I loved that girl. Why would she want to be evil. *cries*

Sylvia:*cries* What will I did about her. Woybff always makes my days so bright. She was the one that thought me, that being sought was good.

Wander:*hugs Sylvia* I'm miss her too.

Derpy:Let's get Stellar.

Sunil:Yes Derpy, let's get a pitchforks, torches and kill her.

Sylvia:But won't she hit us.

Sunil:Oh yeah.

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