The "Scaredy Mongoose"

  • Note: The side is dark*

Narrtor:Today Woybff and her friends are chillin' out at Waterrocks, a planet that is a water park. What's that you say who is in danger? Why Sunil in his opinion.

Tico:So Sunil aren't you going down that water side?

Sunil:No, I'd rather say in the whirlpool with Derpy, Woybff, and Wander.


Woybff:This is amazing!

Wander:I think I'm gonna throw up!

Boots:Those people are lame.

Sunil:No there are special.

Dora:*throws Sunil in..almost*

Sylvia:Hey Dora leave my friend alone!

Dora:Ah! It's Sylvia! Run!

Boots, Dora, Tico and Diego:*run away*

Sunil:Thanks Sylvia.

Sylvia:Did they make you go down the waterside buddy?

Sunil:*hugs Sylvia* *nods*

Sylvia:Well are you tried of everyone calling you a "Scaredy Mongoose".

Sunil:I don't know.

Sylvia:Does it lower your self-esteem?

Sunil:I guess so. *lets go of Sylvia*

Sylvia:Sunil let's try it buddy. You and I.

Sunil:No are you crazy.

Sylvia:Remenber when Woybff did it.

Flash back:Woybff:I don't know guys.

Wander:*pushes her*


Wander, Sylvia, Derpy, and Sunil:*move to the side exit*

Woybff:*comes back out* I did. *goes down, but does come back up because it's 12 feet deep*

Wander:Woybff! *saves Woybff* *brings her to the shore* *hits her in the gut*

Woybff:*breaths* Thanks Wander.

  • flash back ends*


Sylvia:Oh yeah, but you'll be riding with me. *yells for Wander*

5 minutes later

Sylvia:Sunil and I are going down the side.

Wander:Good luck buddy.

Sylvia: *goes to the side**lays down with Sunil on her stomach, in the side position*




Sylvia:Sunil it's okay, just lay on my tummy and close your eyes and everything will be fine.

Sunil:*lays on Sylvia's stomach on his tummy and closes his eyes*

Sylvia:*looks at Sunil* That's it buddy. *pets Sunil's head* *sides out* *puts Sunil on her back* *gets out of the water* *taps Sunil* You can open your eyes.

Sunil:*opens eyes*

Wander:Good job Sunil.

Derpy:Your were amazing.

Woybff:*kisses Sunil* I love you.

Sylvia:You did great buddy.

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