The Breadwinners

Sylvia:Wander I think the lead paint monsters are up to something.

Wander:How and I had a dream that cats were licking and spiting on.

Sylvia:I can feel it in my gut.

Wander:Hm..go spy on Dora and Boots to see what there up to.

Sylvia:Okay I'll try that, thanks buddy. *pets Wander's head*

Wander:*smiles bigger*

Sylvia:*stops* Bye Wander. *walks away*

Wander:Wait, I want a hug.

Sylvia:*turns and walks back* *hugs Wander*

Wander:*hugs back*

Narrtor:After Sylvia was done hugging Wander, she walked to Dora's house.

Sylvia:*looks threw the window*

Dora:Really to die duckies.

Shorter duck:No.

Boots:Too bad shut up Budece!

Taller duck:We need to go now.

Dora:But were just going to kill you.

Budece:Oh my bap, will you stop let us go.

Sylvia:thinks:They need my help. *brakes into Dora's house*

Dora:*gasp* You!


Sylvia:No! *punches Dora and Boots 50 times* Now let's get you ducks untied.

Budece:Your not gonna eat us are ya?

Sylvia:No course not. *unties the ducks*

Taller Duck:Thanks ma'am I'm Sway Sway and this my fellow bap Budece.


Sylvia:I'm Sylvia, I knew those lead paint monsters were up to no good.

Budece:Lead paint what?

Sylvia:Maybe you guys can go with me to my friend's space ship.

Sway Sway:That is a great idea, but can we take the Rocket van there.

Sylvia:Fine, and I tell guys my life.

20 minutes later

Sylvia:Were here. *walks in with Sway Sway and Budece*

Sway Sway:This place is awesome!

Budece:Where's the bead?

Sylvia:Well get that after you met my amazing friends. *pushes the them to Derpy* This is Derpy Hooves, be very kind-

Sway Sway:Hi I'm Sway Sway and this my bap Budece. We're the Breadwinners

Budece:Can I have a muffin?

Derpy:Sure. *gives Budece a muffin*

The three:*move on*

Sylvia:This is Sunil and-

Sway Sway:Hello Sunil I'm Sway Sway and this my bap Budece.

Budece:*walks up to Sunil*

Sunil:*gets nervous*

Budece:So do you like bread?

Sunil:I guess so.

Budece:Well lucky for you were the Breadwinners.

Sunil:You mean, the Breadwinners that are hated by so many people?

Sway Sway:Yes.

Sunil:*screams with joy* *faints*

Sway Sway:Is he going to be okay?


  • moves on*

Sylvia:This Woybff is-

Budece:Hi Woybff please to meet you.

Sway Sway:Yeah do you own this awesome ship?


Budece:That's amazing.

Woybff:I think Sylvia was going to tell you guys I was autistic.

Sway Sway:Don't worry we'lll still be your bap.

Sylvia:That's means friend.


  • moves on*

Sylvia:And finally Wander my best-

Budece:Hi Wander I'm Budece and this my bap Sway Sway.

Sway Sway:Hey Wander.

Wander:Hello. *hugs the Breadwinners*

Budece:Is it okay if we crash here for a awhile?

Sylvia:Go ask Woybff.

Breadwinners:*ask Woybff* *come back*

Sway Sway:Good news she said yes.

Sylvia:That's nice.

Budece:Do you care?

Sylvia:Yeah you guys are my friends. I mean baps.

Sway Sway:Let's have a bread party.

Breadwinners:*run to the Rocket van*

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