The Greastest Cartoon Artist

For Craig McCracken Someone:*knocks on the door*


Fipper 32:I am sorry, I not even a duck. *takes of suit* I a autistic boy named Colin.

Sylvia:Woybff come here.

Woybff:*walks to them*

Sylvia:Colin is sorry and he is also autistic.

Colin (Fipper 32):I am sorry, and your awesome.

Woybff:Oh thank you, I didn't know you were autistic. I knew to show you someone, my step father maybe, come on he is autistic too.

Colin:Alright Woybff. *walks with Woybff to his house*

Someone:I am Mainte, and I hate autistic they must be put in gas chambers, Heil Dominator!

Woybff:Don't say we have special gifts.

Mainte:Yeah go in the building a take a shower.

Colin:Oh I was feeling stinky.

Woybff:No Colin, he's going to gas you!

Colin:Let's run for it! *runs with Woybff*

Woybff:I see a car. No I see Craig McCracken.

Colin:*gasp* Want does he do?

Woybff:He created Wander Over Yonder.



Craig:*sees Woybff* *stops* Hey Woybff, wanna ride?

Woybff:Please help us, if you don't we'll be put in gas chambers.

Craig:Hop in!

Woybff and Colin:*jump in*

Craig:*drives* I didn't know you were a Jew, Woybff.

Woybff:I'm not.

Colin:He wanted to do that just because were autistic.

Craig:That's wrong, both in Hitler and that guy's case. *stops driving at his house* *walks out with Woybff and Colin* *unlocks the door* I'll call Sylvia to pick you up.


5 minutes later

Craig:What's new Woybff.

Woybff:Your birthday is tomorrow.


Woybff:I got a YouTube called woybff Stars. Stars is my last name.

Craig:That's cool I have to check it out.

Colin:Yeah Craig's yeah how many subs do you have.

Woybf:18, still better than zero.

Colin:Good your stay on the bright side of things.

Craig:Like Woybff.

Sylvia:*walks in*I know want happen, that Mainte guy is in jail. Come on Woybff.

Woybff:Okay. *walks with Colin* *holds Sylvia's hand* *looking back at Craig*

Craig:thinks:That girl just maybe the greatest fan. I glad she loves Wander Over Yonder.

Tomorrow March 31st, 2015

Craig:*wakes up*

Woybff:Happy Birthday...Craig. :)

Craig:Oh good morning Woybff.

Woybff:Come with me to met your other crazy wanderers. *uses wand to put on Craig's cloths* (Note:He was wearing PJ's) *teleports her and Craig to the party room* All your good wishes can be made her and your wife is here too.

Lauren:Happy Birthday honey.

Woybff's wanderers:*go up and hug Craig*

Wander:Here's your birthday cake.

Sylvia:Happy birthday Craig.

Wander:Yes happy brithday.

Peepers and Hater*walk to him*

Peepers:Happy birthday. *shakes Craig's hand walks away*

Hater:Y'know Peepers is mad about want you said about him at the panel.

Craig:What did I say?

Hater:He had a smaller heart that I did, look at him with Woybff and Sunil.

Peepers:*hugs Woybff* Oh sweetheart I can't image my universe without you.


Sunil:Yeah Peepers!

Craig:Oh I didn't know tell him I'm sorry.

Hater:I'm try, and where my present?

Craig:Want present.

Hater:*faceplam* My birthday is you made my birthday the same day as you.

Craig:Oh yeah after the party.

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