The Safely

Woybff:Sooo Sunil.


Woybff:*teleports Sunil to G world*

Sunil:So want are doing in G world?

Woybff:I want you to met my wanderers.

Sunil:On I'd love that. You know Woybff we should tell Sylvia.

Woybff:What, I got my wand.

Sunil:And some could steal it.

Woybff:I never leavin' this baby out of my sight.

Sunil:*rolls eyes*

Woybff:Oh no! *runs away*

Sunil:*grads Woybff* What?


Sunil:Him? Who is he?


Sunil:Oh yeah him. We should probably run.


Woybff and Sunil:*turn*

Troll:I have a surprise for you dumbies.


Woybff:No! No!

Sunil:What's so bad about Awesome dancing?

Troll:You'll see.

Awesome:*kisses Woybff*

Woybff:Why! Why!

Awesome:You want more?

Woybff:Ew no way.

Sunil:What Sylvia said.

Awesome:Yeah right. *smiles*


Sunil:I hate you.

Woybff:Sunil can we go home?


Someone:Wait a minute.

Troll:Who is that?

Sylvia:*punches Awesome*

Sunil:Quick let's go.

Woybff:*teleports back to the ship*

Sylvia:You can't go to G world any more.


Sylvia:No buts about it Woybff.

Peaches:*walks in* I- I'll guys wait outside for you and I to talk.

Voilet:Who are you?

Peaches:I'm Woybff's friend.

Voilet:What's that?

Peaches:Some claming things for-

Voilet:Get out, more outside friends, but the ones I'd approve.


Voilet:No more writing..


Voilet:No more uploading vids and I'm deleting some.

Woybff:Mom. *starting to cry*

Voilet:And the wand.

Woybff:*gives Voilet her wand*

Voilet:And you, Kenny, Wander, Sylvia, Sunil, and Derpy are living with me. I sold your ship to Peepers.

Peepers:Don't worry I'll keep it warm for you.


Peepers:*hugs* I still be with you.

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