The Liar

Derpy:Good morning, Kenny.

Kenny:As to you Derpy, want to go to Bard the dragon's house from ice tea.


15 minutes later

Bard:Welcome, do you want to hear a poem.


Kenny:I can go for some poetry.

Bard:One looks at the mountain, one is confused. For this is a trap. I lied about being sucker. BLAH!


Kenny:Oh no!

Bard:*pushes Kenny ice water*

Kenny:I regret everything!

Bard:*looks at Derpy*

Derpy:*flies away to a police officer* Officer Carlynn, Bard the dragon killed Kenny, a friend of mine.

Carlynn:Okay let's go catch him.

15 minutes

Carlynn:*Brakes down the door*

Derpy:*walks in with him*

Bard the dragon:*looks at Carlynn*

Carlynn:*catches him* Bard the dragon you going to jail 'cause ya killed Kenny.

Bard the dragon:'Tis good to be evil. *looks at you in the eyes* Blah!

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