The Princess pt.1

Rarity:There finished. You do look lovely Woybff.

Woybff:Why thank you Rairty. *walks out into the room are the crowding begins*

Eveyone there:*turns to see Woybff*

Woybff:*walks to the stage next to Craig and Lauren*

Craig:We are here today to present the crowding of Wander Over Yonder's Princess, Woybff Luna Stars.

Lauren:Woybff, do you love Wander Over Yonder and look forward to new episodes?

Woybff:I forever do.

Keith:Woybff, do you believe that Wander will always believe Lord Hater is his friend?

Woybff:I will always do.

Tom:Woybff will you love or like Commander Peepers even know he is eviler than Lord Hater?

Woybff:I will always.

April:Woybff will you always be friends with Sylvia the zbornak and let her protect you?

Woybff:I will always.

Jack:Woybff will you always love Wander, then if he becomes evil, comes a fear, or even hates you?

Woybff:I will always.

Craig:Woybff will you love Wander Over Yonder and the other things you love about as you ponder into this world you enter?

Woybff:I will.

Wander:Woybff I am you're hero?

Woybff:You are.

Craig:Woybff Luna Stars, I now present you as The Princess of Wander Over Yonder. Jack you may place the crown on Woybff's head.

Jack:*walks to places the crown on Woybff's head*


Woybff:*walks to speak* As I learn more about Wander Over Yonder, I learn more about my universe, my childhood, my autism, my gifts, my past. I notice new villains, new challenges, new rules. I know Wander and Sylvia will always be by my side.

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