The Princess pt.2

Woybff:*takes off crown* *gets in bed* Thinks:Tomorrow I'll have a castle there's no turning back.

Someone:*takes the crown*

Woybff:*wakes up* The crown! Somebody's taking my crown.

Sylvia:*runs to get the theif* *punches them*

Someone:We give up. *takes off the suit*

Sylvia:Stellar and Missy!

Woybff:*runs to see*

Missy:Were doing it for are new boss, he told us if we did this, he'd us joy. *gives Sylvia the crown*

Sylvia:*graddes it*

Woybff:Thinks:Hm..who could that be?

Stellar:Yes, now give this the crown.

Missy:But Stellar we give up.

Stellar:You did but are boss does look weird..oh what the heck I give up too. *walks out with Missy*

Sylvia:*gives Woybff the crown* Ya know Wander gonna be your prince if you like or not.

Woybff:Yeah but that's what makes my job as the Princess of Wander Over Yonder better. *walks back to bed*

The next morning

Craig:This your castle Woybff.

Woybff:Thank you.

Craig:Anytime Princess Woybff Luna Stars. *walks away*

Wander:*comes to Woybff* I guess I'm you prince by Craig and your father.

Woybff:I'm not sure why he hates Sunil.

Wander:I guess we'll never know for sure.

Sylvia:*comes to us with Sunil on her back and with Derpy* Alright let's go in.

All (that is there):*walk in*

Woybff:Oh guys I can't have all this with Wander, Sylvia you are my guard, Derpy you'll be a baker, and Sunil I will later make you a knight. Isn't being a princess amazing.

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