The Bakers

Derpy:Princess Woybff, would you like some muffins.

Woybff:Oh Derpy met your helper, Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie:Hello Derpy.

Derpy:Woybff this isn't going to work!


Pinkie:'Cause I hate muffins.

Woybff:Can't this be worked out.


Pinkie:We must fight to the death.

Wander:*walks in* No ya guys can't kill yourselves. Than who gonna make us dinner?

Derpy:Can't you make it yourself Woybff?

Woybff:No, that cat will find me and yell at me.

Wander:Princess are you talking about Miss Krips?

Derpy:I see now, you scared to cook because of all the yelling Miss Krips did.

Pinkie Pie:Oh Princess Stars I hear someone at the door.

Woybff:Pinkie it could be Dr.Screwball Jones.

Sylvia:*opens the door*

Miss Krips:*walks* Princess Woybff Luna Stars *coughs* I'd love to be one of your bakers.

Woybff:No!!!!!!! *runs away*

Derpy:Get out of here.

Pinkie:Wait, Derpy. She can be the to deiced to gets to stay or go, with Wander's help.

Derpy:Fine but afterwords she'll leave. *walks in kitchen* *steps on a recipe* Thinks: What's this? *picks in up* Thinks:"Triple Pickle Cream Pie recipe"? "Prince's favorite". *smiles* Thinks:Oh Pinkie is going down.

one hour later

Krips:Are we ready.

Pinkie:Miss Krips, Prince Wander, I made cupcakes.

Krips:*eats it* I be right back. *runs to the bathroom*

Wander:*eats one* How may bathrooms do we have?

Woybff:*walks to Wander* Oh sweetie we have 12.

Wander:Where's the nearest one?

Woybff:By the kitchen.

Wander:*runs to the kitchen*

Sylvia:*runs to the cake* Woybff, you can't let you try it.

Woybff:Okay. *walks to Pinkie Pie* Pinkie your fired for giving Wander the runs.

Pinkie:Oh Derpy was going to win any way. *walks away*

Derpy:*walks to Woybff*

Woybff:I knew this was stupid idea.

Derpy:Yeah do you see want I made?

Woybff:Will get give me food poisoning?

Derpy:Their a 00.1% chance.


Derpy:*carries out the Tripe Pickle Cream Pie*

Woybff:Oh my, Sylvia come here.

Sylvia:*comes* Good grop. Wander's gonna love this.

Wander:*runs to Woybff and Sylvia* What, what is it? *see it* Oh my gos- *faints*


Derpy:No, the princess doesn 't wait you. Please go.


Woybff:Thanks Derpy, I got Cilan and his Pansage to help.

Cilan:Hello Derpy.

Cilan's Pansage:(translate:Here to help.)

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