The Eggs

Ryder:*enters the room* For the "Prince and Princess" a gift. *hands Wander a bird nest with three eggs*

Sylvia:*punches Ryder*

Wander:Where's ya get the eggs Ryder?

Ryder:Oh my Mama and Papa bird croaked.


Ryder:I killed them myself. *laughs*

Sylvia:*punches Ryder again* Ryder I can't believe you shot those birds' parents. Does family and friendship mean anything to you Ryder?



Twilight:*crashes into the castle* Who said that?

Sylvia:*points to Ryder*

Twilight:*takes Ryder*

Ryder:Why Sylvia!

Woybff:We will I guess I'll sit on them.

Wander:Nope, your butt too big.

Woybff:Wander are you saying I'm fat!

Sylvia:Wander you shouldn't offend the Princess of your own show.

Wander:I'm sorry Woybff, what I meant to say was these eggs are too tiny, you could kill them. I'm not take any chances, so I'm sit on them.

Sylvia:Did you also know you'll chew their food and throw it up into their mouths.

Wander:I'm on it.

Woybff:Maybe I should do that.

Sylvia:Yeah Woybff you have to keep them warm. Plus they don't have to eat worms. Adding on their not just your eggs, they're Woybff's too.

Wander:I'm sorry guys.

Sylvia:Are you really for you first lesson?

Woybff:Yeah. *walks away with Sylvia*

Wander:Thinks:Well you missed up Wander, stop being so selfish. Just love these kids with Woybff. Did you crush them! *turns to check*Thinks: Oh Wander you didn't. *sits back on them*

Five days later

Woybff:Wander! Sylvia! Sunill! Derpy! The Eggs are hatching!

Wander, Sylvia, Derpy, Sunil:*runs to see the birth*

First one:*hatches*

Wander:Aw..Can I name him? *picks him (first egg)*

Woybff:Yes, but I'll name the next one.

Wander:*thinks of a name* Oswald.

Oswald (first one):*flies to Wander's shoulder*


Sunil and Derpy:*smiles*

Woybff:Are you hungry Oswald?

Oswald:*opens mouth*

Woybff:*throws up tomatoes*

Oswald:*kisses Woybff*


Second one:*hatches*

Derpy:*cries* She so beautiful.

Woybff:*picks her up* She is cute. Spring, I'll call her Spring. *throws up tomatoes in Springs mouth*


Woybff:"I'm you Mom. Thinks:Thanks to Ryder.

Third one:*hatches* *cries*

Wander:Aw, he must be hugry.

Woybff:*throws up tomatoes in his mouth*

Wander:What do you think we should call him?


Wander:Nah I was thinkin' Snowfall .

Woybff:That's great Wandie.

Wander:Oh it just fits in like spoon.


All but the birds:Aw..

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