The Loyal Dog

Sunil:Hi Voilet, did you enjoy your time with Woybff.

Voilet the zbornak:Yeah, I wish Mickey that dog that saved Woybff was still alive after he died.

Sunil:You know I can bring him back to life.

Voilet:Really. So did you bring Harue back to life too?

Sunil:Yeah, but I regret it, he hates me,

Voilet:Well please do your best. Bye Sunil, I like you. *walks out of the castle*

Narrator:So Sunil found Mickey's grave-site and brought the blessed dog back to life.


Narrator:The next day Sunil deiced to show Woybff in the morning.

Sunil:Princess Woybff, Prince Wander, Sylvia, Starlight, Derpy, Spring, Snowfall, Oswald, I give you Mickey.

Woybff:He's alive!

Starlight:*cries* Oh the dog from Woybff's childhood.

Mickey:*licks everyone*

Wander:I love this dog so much.

Woybff:I here by make Mickey, the royal guard. *pats Mickey's head* And of course Sylvia is still my guard.

Derpy:*kisses Mickey* I love you, Mickey.

Mickey:Thinks:Oh thank that blue thing for returning me. I must protect Woybff, her fuzzy prince, gray baker, knights, kids, and this Sylvia. I think Claws will return as well. I better give them the heads up. But how? Leave paw prints everywhere? No that's not my thing. I must doing something but what? I know. *barks*

Wander:Sh..Woybff I thought you said this dog was in your learing center.

Woybff:He was, maybe he's trying to tell us something.

Mickey:Thinks:Almost. Oh I just wait until the time comes.

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