The Bullying of '13

Milly:Why do you have to be a baby Georgia with you're Wuzzie toys. They ain't cool.

Milly's friends:*laughs*

Georgia:But they are cool like Party Punchy she-

Milly:Punches the crap out of everybody.

Suey:Lol Milly.

Georgia:No she's the toughtest.

Milly:Why are the rest stupid.

Georgia:No Wuzzie's really smart. She was a great-

Milly:That rat doesn't have a brain.

A week later

Wuzzie:Hey what's up kid?

Georgia:Do you think I'm cool?

Wuzzie:What do you believe?

Georgia:I'm a loser.

Witty:Are you being bullied?


Wuzzie:I'm sorry.

Party Punchy:I will go to you're bullies and punchin' all in the gut.

Georgia:That's a bit too hurt on them.

Neddy:Is it kid?

Muffin:I'd go up to them and crush them with rocks and poorly made muffins.

Wuzzie:Just tell you're teacher and they will take care of it. *hugs Georgia*

Hateness:Yeah bullies suck!

Peep:You tell 'em sir!


Georgia:Ms.Cowns Milly and her friends are bullying me.

Ms.Cowns:There's nothing any of us can do sweetie. They said if we tell Mr.Poon they'll kill us. And you love us right?

Georgia:I did.

The next week

Georgia's Mom:I'm going shopping. Dad will be back in five minutes from the bake. *leaves*

Georgia:*takes knife* *kills herself*

Wuzzie and her friends are all sees with darkness.

Peeps:You shouldn't did that.

Hateness:Grop good luck in Hell.

Muffin:Didn't you tell you're teachers.

Georgia:They didn't give a crap.

Neddy:Oh boy.

Party Punchy:You should of stick up for yourself.

Georgia:I'm a insane, stupid, autistic.

Witty:Don't say that about yourself.

Wuzzie:Being autistic is great. That's why there's Auzzie a blue and white frog. I am still here.


Wuzzie:You don't have to end like this.


Wuzzie:I haunt those girls for by using you.


Wuzzie:I need to destroy my bully's hate for me too. But that will never happen.


Wuzzie:I will be here for you.

Party Punchy:*disappears*

Wuzzie:We will beat these monster together.


Wuzzie:I will help you come with me.


Wuzzie:This is the Cashmere suit, Calldean. Wanna take her?

Georgia:Yes.*goes into the suit*


News Paper:Georgia Pepper Karenet killed herself November 11th, 2013. From all her bullying from Milly Fergeean. She was a autistic girl that loved Wuzzie Wanderful Pizza. Fergeean and her minions made fun of her for it. Her body was found on her living room floor. The parents cherish the toys. Her teachers were too lazy to report it. Mr. Poon says"The girls never wanted to kill them and it was lie because those teachers are too lazy to care or Karenet and they will be fired." Fergeean and friends will get suspend eleven days. After her birthday Calldean will be the new at the pizzaria. Georgia was going to turn 13.

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