The Heartbreak

Wander:Woybff come with me on this hill with Sylvia.


Wander and Woybff:*ride on Sylvia*

Sylvia:*walks to a hill*

Wander and Woybff:*get off*

Wander:Woybff will you marry me?

Woybff:If I said I wanted to marry Jack.

Sylvia:Woybff he's married.

Woybff:He is. *cries* *runs to the river*

Wander:Oh no what, what if she's drowns. *hops on Sylvia* Go as fast you can Sylvia.

Sylvia:Don't worry, buddy. *runs quickly* *makes it to the river*

Wander:Sylvia, hide behind this tree.


Wander:*points to Hater and Woybff*

Sylvia:*walks behind the tree* Thinks:Oh grop.

Hater:Well I'm sorry that happen to you, Woybff.

Woybff:I know right.

Hater:Peaches will come back.

Sylvia:When should we go check on her?

Wander:In a mintue Syl.

Woybff:Neptune must be nice. I always wanted to go to Uranus.

Hater:Peepers or I can always do that for you. Wander and Sylvia are broken.

Woybff:They may take me to Uranus, you never know Hater. I never told Wander or Sylvia I wanted to go to Uranus.


Woybff:I don't know. Too busy with all my problems with Stellar.

Hater:She's died right?


Hater:She was so mean to you.

Woybff:I have go find Wander.

Hater:Why? What can he and Sylvia do what I can't.

Woybff:Take me home as fast light and comfort me at the same time.



Wander and Sylvia:*run to them*

Wander:Woybff you were dating Hater?!

Woybff:Oh were not daring Wander. I just need someone to talk to while Peaches was on Neptune for a week other than you guys.

Hater:Well bye Woybff talk to me when you want to go to Uranus some time.

Woybff and Wander:*ride on Sylvia*


Wander:So you want to go to Uranus.

Woybff:Yeah it's cool and unique. I hear they rain diamonds on Uranus. But that they be the reason.

Sylvia:They may be the reason why Awesome asks every morning to go there.

Woybff:We need more guards. Go faster please Sylvia, I don't feel good.

Sylvia:*starts to run*

Wander:*hugs Woybff* What hurts sweetie?

Woybff:*rolls eyes* Flarpin' everything.

Wander:Why do you seen so grumpy? Is everything okay?

Woybff:No Wander, I'm sorry.

Sylvia:*makes back to the castle*

Woybff:*runs back in the castle*

Sylvia:What's up with Woybff, today?

Wander:I don't know. She's getting as hurt as rock, since Stellar crushed her self-esteem and joy. I still love her.

Sylvia:Wander, the ring?

Wander:I can ask her another day.

Sylvia:What if she says no?

Wander:Oh I have a good feeling she'll say yes.

Sunil:Not if I ask her first.

Wander:Her father likes me more.

Sunil:I don't care.

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