The Parodies 2

Parody #4 Lauren and Craig (Parody of Sanjay and Craig)

Woybff:Lauren and Craig, animation they do is amazing. Lauren and Craig, their in the Animators hall of flame. Lauren and Craig, there is no Animators hall of flame. I made it up because their so awesome.

Lauren:Craig I heard Woybff was mad to Wander one day because that's not his real name. What is his real name?

Craig:Oh look, Lord Hater.

Lauren:Craig stop it, really what his name?

Craig:I can't say.

Lauren:I'm your wife.

Craig:No Woybff's watching us.

Woybff:Oh I can't help but make a web show about this, like iCarly.

Lauren:What is that?

Woybff:iCarly is a TV show on Nick.

Craig:No Woybff, that thing on your head?

Woybff:It's my turtle hat. I wearing to remember me of that day.

Lauren:What day?

Woybff:I'll tell you after I turn off the camera. Now kiss!

Lauren:We're not that kinda of couple.

Woybff:Oh I see. *turns off camera*

Parody #5  Ms.Krips HIM's kitchen (Parody of Gordon Rasmey Hell's kitchen)


Sway Sway:It's okay Woybff.

Budece:Keep going girl.

Ms.Krips:Get out of Breadwinners! What is this Stars?

Woybff:It's Jellyfish Pie ma'am.

Ms.Krips:And you cut it into squares.

Woybff:Sylvia didn't mind.

Sylvia:This is great Woybff.

Ms.Krips:You should of cut triangles!


Wander:Woybff? What's wrong. *runs over* It's me Wander, remember.

Sylvia:Ms.Krips, you made her had a flarpin' meltdown.

Ms.Krips:Go to comm-

Wander:No! I'm telling Fox.

Sylvia:This is on the Food Network, Wander.

Wander:I'll still telling Fox.

Sway Sway:There she is.

Cilan:Ms.Krips your canceled.

Pennyling:Yay! I mean, no.

Ms.Krips:I can't get fired.

Cilan:You just did.

Ms.Krips:Woybff, you still like me?

Woybff:*runs behind Sylvia*

Sylvia:*puts on sunglasses* Deal with it, Krips.

Parody #6 Woy Girl (parody of Barbie)

Woybff:When I wake up I'm happy 'cause I see my heros. All four of them.

Wander:Hey Woy babe let's go party.

Woybff:I'm a woy girl, in a woy world. It's wanderful. You can paint my toes orange. Talk about me everyway.

Sylvia:This is so make better than her.

Lauren:Growing up Derpy? Oh she gets bigger wings. That way better than growing up, what ever her name is.

Sunil:I love Woy Girl.

Woybff:Everyone does.

Stellar:I hate Woybff. That meanie gets everything.

Woybff:Oh you're the meanie. I help people. *gets Little Bits out of a tree*

Little Bits:Fank you Woybff.

Woybff:I love you, Little Bits.

Little Bits:*faints*

Woybff:Oh I love Wander Over Yonder so much.

Wander:Well Woybff we're just getting started.

Woybff:I love you so much Wandie. *kisses Wander*

Hater:Hey can I have a kiss?

Starlight:I need that kiss more, for my soul.

Cashmere:We can just wait.

Woybff:Line up boys.

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