The Invaders

Sunil:Wander, Sy-

Sylvia:*gets up*

Sunil:Where's Wander?

Sylvia:I don't flarpin' know.

Sunil:Woybff's sick.

Sylvia:*runs to her bed* Oh Woybff. How are you doing?

Woybff:T-terrible. *coughs*

Sylvia:Is there anything I can do?

Woybff:Be by my side. Where's Wander?

Sylvia:I don't know sweetie?

Narrator:Little did they know there was a war in Woybff. The Great Stoch War. It was happening in Woybff's stomach as I speak. But Wander was a soldier.

Wander:Thinks:I'm in Woybff's belly. Facing Lord Dominator. Oh my and the boys aren't going to make it.

Sunil:She has the Stomach flu, Cilan said.

Sylvia:Aw Woybff. I will help you.

Wander:Boys fire the, whatever we got.

White Cell #1:Sir, can we make her vomit?

Wander:I don't know.

White Cell #1:What would be the best?


Woybff:*throws up*

Sylvia:Whoa. *runs to find a bowl* *puts it by Woybff*

Woybff:*throws up in the bowl*

Wander:*looks down*

White Cell #1:Hey Wander, we got some of the invaders out. If we can keep this up Dominator doesn't stand a chance.

Wander:I just wanna make Woybff feel better.

White Cell #1:You are, in a way bud.

Sylvia:Oh Woybff. I'll clean it up. *gets the bowl*

Wander:*calls Fear*

Fear:Oh hey Wander.

Wander:How's Woybff doing?

Fear:Where the heck are you?

Wander:In her stomach.

Fear:Oh. Okay she's alright. Just some vomit is all.

Wander:Thank you. *hangs up* Woyie!

Woybff:*stomach growls* Sylvia I don't feel so good.

Sylvia:Aw. *rumbles her head* It'll be okay.

White Cell #2:Boss stop making Woybff upset.

Wander:I'm sorry.

White Cell #2:Just get to together.

Wander:Yes sir.

Sylvia:Do you feel better?

Woybff:Sylvia, a tummy ache doesn't go away in five mintues. Does it?

Sylvia:Do you need anything?

Woybff:Wander I need Wa- *throws up*

White Cell #3:What are you doing sir?

Wander:Trying to get Woybff.

  • phone rings*

White Cell #4:*picks it up*

Autism:Hey Wander I know how to won this battle.


Autism:Love, you got tons of it, Wandie. I figure because there are made of hate, your love will shined them.

Wander:How do I beat them?

Autism:First you got to come out of Woybff, take a shower.

Wander:Why a shower?

Autism:She isn't going to hug you like that.

Wander:What's next?

Autism:After you dry off. Hug her, like sometimes.

Wander:Won't she be in too much pain?

Autism:Just do it. No pill has the love that you do, and Fear won't let her take pills anyway.

Fear:It's you too.

Wander:Alright I'll try. *jumps into Woybff's vomit in her body* Wish me luck boys.

White Cells:Good luck Wander!

Woybff:*throws up Wander* Ah! Did I eat you, Wander?

Wander:Nah, I was put in your body by Craig.


Wander:Dominator send some invarders to give ya the Stomach flu.

Woybff:That's makes a lot of sense.

Wander:*hugs Woybff*

Digust:I can't believe he didn't take shower.

Autism:Hey she get better.

Woybff:*throws up all the invaders* *and Dr.Screwball Jones* Did I eat you, Dr.Jones?

Screwball:No I was stalking Wander.


Screwball:Because your my enemy. *teleports away*

Woybff:Wandie I'm all better now.

Wander:That's great.

Derpy:Woybff stop talking like Baby Alive doll.

Woybff:Oh Wander is like my brother almost.

Wander:Maybe I am?

Woybff:We'll never know.

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