The Big Fan pt.1

Woybff:If some five year old boy can writer a woy episode than so can I.


Woybff:*runs to Craig McCracken Studios* Craig I would like to help you.

Craig:With what?

Woybff:Wander Over Yonder.

Craig:Not now Woybff.

Woybff:Please, I have one about Peepers and Lord Hat-

Craig:Woybff I'm busy. Now where was it?

Woybff:Where's what Craig?

Craig:Oh Jack and April are helping me find my pencils.

Woybff:Can I help?

Craig:There aren't the best pencils a tall 10 year old shouldn't look that them.

Woybff:I'm order than my brother, Apollo and his almost 12.

April:Woybff, just go home.

Woybff:No I must help.

Craig:*breathes* Woybff, I'm sorry you can't help you'll see-

Woybff:I don't care.

Craig:Woybff your such a annoying girl please go.

Woybff:*walks out and crying* *mouthing something*


April:What is it Jack?


April:What about Woybff?

Jack:Craig, April, I gotta go.

Craig:Oh take your time.

April:No he's going to talk to Woybff.

Craig:Oh I though he had to go to the bathroom.

April:Were you even hearing him talking about Woybff.


April:I think you hurt her feelings.

Craig:Oh April.

April:That kid's autistic.

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