The Lead Years


Matty:Hi kids I'm Matty!

Wander:*throws a axe in Matty's head* You were threw since the 90s kid.

Belle:Matty no. You monster!

Sylvia:*throws her in a river* No your the monster.

Woybff:Hello everyone, I am Princess Woybff Stars. There was a toy company much older than I. Mattel. Now I free like talking about the lead paint from my childhood. With my friends Wander,



Sylvia:*punches the Mattel logo*

Woybff:Sunil and Derpy. Wait where are Sunil and Derpy!?

Sylvia:They told me for the love of Hasbro they didn't show up.

Woybff:Oh. Who are we going to find this hour to do the Mattel History.

Matty:I could.

Wander:You are dead!

Matty:No you just threw a axe in the back of my head Wander.

Wander:It's Mr.Wild Wooly Wander told you kid! *puts on mustache* *scares Matty*


Peepers:Hater and I can do it.

Hater:Let's get started okay.

Earlier History

  • Peepers opens door*

Hater:Sadly this toy company was founded by three men. They probably were going to kill Woybff.

Peepers:And they bought so many companies. There trying to be become the greatest toy conpamy.

Hater:No Hasbro should!


Hater:*sings*My Little Pony..

Peepers:Sir you like My Little Pony?

Hater:Just Rainbow Dash!

Some guy:*runs in* *hits Hater*

Peepers:Stop hurting Lord Hater!

Some guy:*beats up Peepers*

*on a blue screen in yellow text*

The guy thought Lord Hater was the devil. But thanks Craig for filming this episode he explained what Wander Over Yonder was. And he wasn't evil. This was all there. Woybff and the galaxy will counted after five minutes of setting up the next scene.

Woybff:"Christmas Woybff here is some lead that is yummy in your tummy. Merry Christmas 2003." That's what the note should of said. *walks* And if you I am lying, I not. 2007 is the truth. Of the leady Christmas. It recalled my Dora toys. Also this orange. This isn't Witty, the Wander Kitty. Nope, it's Leady the lead orange cat from Barbie. Also this thing from Doggie Daycare. *throws it on the ground* And don't get me started with Tickle me Elmo. Even more evil. Mattel, did you I would never find out. We on Nov.27th, 2013 I did. No one believe in me. One lady thought I was crazy because I told the day after The Ball aired that her son was playing a lead toy. After closing its factory in America in 2002, they should of knew the dangers off working with China. And before you, Mattel yell at me about it being China's fail. You took all responsible. Now Bob is in Hell. No Bob hanged himself. For you are-

Hot Wheels Monster:*runs over Woybff*

Craig:*runs to save her*

Woybff:Stupid Mattel. Someone get a doctor that's not going to tickle me to death.

  • orange screen in white text*

Woybff was okay. She got truck makers on her stomach from the monster truck. Woybff and the galaxy will counted after five minutes.

Wander:They could of killed her. And there Chinese works. Remember when Woybff was telling you about her early years with Mattel. Well in late 2014 they got charged with-

Matty:*runs to Wander* You think this is so nice. *hits Wander with a can of lead paint*

Wander:*cries* My head.

Craig:Stop that!

Matty:*tries to attack Craig*

Wander:*throws the can at Matty*

  • A red scene shows up with white text*

Wander is okay. The show will go on.

Sylvia:Now for the best part of all. *hits Barbie and Tico*

Wander:*off* Go Sylvia!

Woybff:*in her bed* Thanks for watching everyone. Leadstic!

Sylvia:Don't ya wanna show them what the monster truck did to you.

Woybff:*shows a picture*

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