The Step-Father

Moonbeam:Thinks:The end is now. I leaving Woybff.

Someone:Come here, are you lost sweet heart?

Moonbeam:Yeah I am.

Someone:Go to the hole.

Both:*walk there*

Moonbeam:So who are you?

Someone:Witch Humen. *pushes*

Moonbeam:*screams* Thinks:I never should of run away.

Vincent:Grad my hand!

Moonbeam:*grads* Who are you?

Vincent:Woybff's step-dad.

Moonbeam:So did you marry Mom?

Vincent:Yeah come to are house, Moonbeam.


At the house

Vincent:This is my sixteen your old Lizzy.

Lizzy:Hello there.

Moonbeam:Hi, what are you doing?

Lizzy:I mixing rocks and chemicals together. *puts goggles on Moonbeam*

  • rocks fly out of the paper cup*

Lizzy:I'm a scientist. What are you?

Moonbeam:A wanderer.

Lizzy:I heard of those, isn't Woybff the princess or something?


Vincent:Met my almost six year old son, Wolf. It's short for "Wolfgang".

Wolf:*hugs behind Vincent*Daddy I don't want to do this.

Vincent:Come on, it's one of your half sister's Mommy keeps crying about.


Vincent:No the one that got kidnapped by Barney.

Wolf:*walks up to Moonbeam*

Moonbeam:*hugs Wolf* I am Moonbeam.

Wolf:*hugs back*


Moonbeam:Mom?! *walks to Voilet* I wanted to met you.

Voilet:*hugs Moonbeam*

Moonbeam:*hugs back*

  • phone rings*

Vincent:*picks it up* Hello. Tonight? How did you know? Oh, that little Sunil, your mom has been talking about him. Is Harue there? No, just Apollo. Great well be there soon. Guys were going to Woybff's castle.

Wolf. Moonbeam, Lizzy:Yay!

Wolf:What castle?

Moonbeam:Woybff the princess of Wander Over Yonder.

Wolf:The Wander Over Yonder show? The one I watch with Wander and Sylvia?


Wolf:Ohmygosh, Ohmygosh.

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