The Banana

Woybff:Moonbeam, you have a letter from Mom. *gives Moonbeam the letter*

Moonbeam:Reads:Dear Child (the second one, I forgot your name), I must tell you never to trusted Dr.Jones. He was Woybff's doctor as a baby. I think he caused Woybff to have Autism be giving her a vaccination when she was just a newborn because her body couldn't handle it. I always told Woybff she was born with it because I know she wouldn't handle the truth. Don't tell her. I am scared what Jones could do to you. Sleep dreams, your mother.

Sylvia:*looks at the letter* Now I really hate that banana. I won't tell her or Wander.

Moonbeam:*goes to bed*

Dr.Screwball:*brakes in* I hear your mother wrote a letter that I cursed your sister with Autism.

Moonbeam:Well that's what Donald Trump also said.

Screwball:Who is he?

Moonbeam:Oh some guy that's not going to the president.

Screwball:I see.

Sylvia:Yeah I heard too chuckles.

Screwball:Oh light up.

Wander:*hits Jones with his banjo*


Wander:I saw the letter, but Woybff was born autistic.

Moonbeam:But Mom said-

Wander:She just hates him.

Screwball:*rolls eyes*

Sylvia:*tries to get him*

Screwball:*uses the tickle machine*



Moonbeam:This is all my faunt. (x4)

Wander:*pulls Moonbeam out of her room* No *hugs* I will stop him. *runs back* *walks out with Sylvia*

Moonbeam:What happen?

Wander:I used his tickle machine on him.

Sylvia:Some how when you shoot it at Screwball all the effects are gone.


Wander:She knows.

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