The Best Day Ever

Wander:Woybff wake up!

Woybff:What Wander?

Wander:Look down your bed side.

Woybff:Omg, Bard the dragon, Screwball, and Stellar are dead.

Wander:That's not the only one. *shows Woybff the morning paper:Jocey dies drinking too much Pepsi.

Woybff:*laughs* Finally she's dead!

Cilan:*walks in*Woybff I made your favorite, chocolate chip pancakes.

Woybff:Thanks Cilan.

Cilan:*gives Woybff the pancakes*

Woybff:*eats them*

Sylvia:Woybff get dressed I have surprise for you.


15 minutes later

Woybff:*walks out*Craig and Lauren!

Craig:Hey Woybff, nice to see you. I guess you have seen the newest woys have been aired.

Woybff:Yeah that's a new one Monday.

Lauren:You are so awesome, Woybff.

Woybff:Thank you.

April:I hope I'm not late.

Jack:Me too.

Tom:Me three.


Jack:I wonder what would happen if we gave Woybff lots of sugar.

Craig:Let's find out.

Lauren:Pinkie if you please.

Pinkie:I don't listen to you. *jumps off the planet* *fails on Twilight's head* Hey Twlight.

Twilight:Hi Pinkie.

Pinkie:Aw why did ya have that big frown on your face?

Twilight:You landed my head.

Craig:Wander will you help us make Woybff, hyper?

Wander:Yes! *runs to find candy*

15 minutes later

Wander:*returns* I found M&M's, Sweet Tarts, and Chocolate bars. I don't think this if Woybff?

Jack:I'll pay for all bills and including death.




Sylvia:I don't know Wa-

Wander:You want Woybff to be happy.

Sylvia:Ge Wander..I guess.


Woybff:*looks at candy and Wander* Sure! *eats all candy*

Wander:I think she'll get on sugar rush.


Jack:So do you watch Wander Over Yonder again and again?

Woybff:Could from fire. *smiles*

April:This was a terrible idea Jack.

Jack:At least she's happy.

Woybff:*tickles Wander*


Sylvia:This is beatiful.

Sunil:I love this idea, Jack.

Lauren:I think her better off the sugar.

Craig:When Lauren, I found this bull flarp on the web.(The Bull Flarp!)

Lauren:Well she's full of bull flarp.

Tom:I know right, that's where I been all this time.

Wander:So Woybff..

Woybff:Okay, bye doggies.

Lauren:Aw she can say lines from are shows on a sugar rush.

Woybff:*lays down*

Wander:Aw a sugar crash.

Jack:It is getting late.

Lauren:It's one in the afternoon.

Sunil:Oh I'm fix that. *turns it to six*

Jack:Now's late. Bye guys. *walks to Woybff* Bye Woybff. I hope you have a good rest with all that sugar in your belly. *kisses forehead* *walks away*

April:Bye Sylvia, bye Wander. *walks to Woybff* Hang in there, sweetheart. I love you.

Woybff:*hugs leg in her sleep*

April:Aw..I need to go.

Woybff:*lets go of April's leg*

April:You are sweet. *walks away*

Lauren:Bye Wander and Sylvia.

Wander:Why did you ever leave me?


Craig:That's alright Lauren just walk in the car.

Hater:No! You go up to Woybff and tell her she's nothing like me!

Lauren:Sure. *walks to Woybff* You are nothing like Hater. *runs to the car*

Craig:What was that about?

Hater:Uh..*walks away*

Craig:*walks to Woybff* I think your amazing. You have the creature mind and soft hands to create amazing stories. Don't it anyone tell you differently. Bye guys. *walks to his car*

Later that night


Wander:Woybff what's wrong?

Woybff:There's something in my tummy.

Wander:Oh my gosh! *calls the doctor* Dr.Gornen, this dire Woybff-

Dr.Gornen:*enters Woybff's room* What's the problem.

Wander:There's somethin' in Woybff's belly.

Dr.Gornen:Let's a look see. *puts up Woybff's shirt to wear her stomach is shown* *hears her stomach* Oh my!

Wander:What is doctor?

Dr.Gornen:A sugar monster.

Wander:Well I'll be right back.

Sylvia:Why's the doctor here?

Wander:Sylvia, call Jack to get over here to pay, Dr.Gornen.

Sylvia:Oh flarp, is the kid okay!?

Woybff:*tears in her eyes* No.

Dr.Gornen:There, there child. I know your autistic ways. *pats head*

Woybff:Doctor I know this not the right time but am I obese?

Dr.Gornen:By looking at your stomach your fine. Now too get the monster out I to cut into your stomach is that okay.

Woybff:*cries* No!

Wander:It'll be okay, Woybff.

Jack:So is Woybff okay?

Sylvia:No she has get her stomach cut open 'cause there's a monster in her belly.

Jack:Here's 500 bucks. *gives to Sylvia*

Wander:Woybff I know your not going to like this.

Woybff:*slaps Wander's hand* You put a monster in my tummy Wander.*cries*

Wander:Hm, I'm trully sorry Woybff for the pain in your belly but you can forgive ol' Wander?

Woybff:No I'm getting a scar on my tummy.

Wander:*cries* I can't believe this...

Woybff:Me either, Wander.

Dr.Gornen:Are you ready, Woybff?

Woybff:No.*throws up the monster*

Dr.Gornen:Never mind.

Monster:Roar I'm Ras!

Wander:Aw..this what caused you to have a belly ache. He's cute.

Ras:No I ain't!

Wander:*Looks at Wander* Do ya still love me?

Woybff:*hugs Wander*

Sylvia:*kicks Ras away*

Woybff:This is the best day ever. Well not for Jack.

Jack:Yeah I should never asked about you having sugar.

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