The Gift

Wander:*walks by Woybff* Woybff was right?

Woybff:I'm stupid.

Wander:How can you say that when you guest the correct number of muffins Derpy had. And when you won you shared with me, Sylvia, Sunil, Derpy, Cilan, Moonbeam, Peaches, Bard, Jack, Craig, April and Screwball just to get him off your back.


Wander:What happen Woybff? Did someone call you stupid?

Lord Hater:*pushes Wander* You can tell me Lunie.

Woybff:You're making me feel uncomfortable, Hater.

Peepers:Yeah sure. What's wrong Woybff? *rubs Woybff's head*

Woybff:I can show you.*shows this link*

Wander:Oh look of one Woybff's comments.

Woybff:*leaves the room*

Hater:Hey someone guy relpied.

All three:*read it the relpy*

Peepers:Flarp, this why Woybff feels crummy. Why would someone tell her she's mental retard?

Wander:That's not nice. I don't know.

Hater:It's not fair. Woybff is smart.

Peepers:That's right Hater. She is smart.

Wander:And kind.


Hater:Brave sometimes.

Peepers:I just don't get how-

Wander:Someone would go up, and tell that to the princess' face.

Hater:Right I just don't know why either, guys? Woybff is all of those things I just don't know-


Wander:Hi Sylvia.

Sylvia:What's going on buddy?

Wander:*shows Sylvia the comment*

Sylvia:Oh grop.

Wander:What will we do?

Peepers:Well guys I'm autistic, may I should tell this guy about Autism.

Hater:*hugs Peepers* No I don't want you to die! *looks around* *lets go of Peepers* I-I mean, I wanna kick his butt.

Wander:I not sure want to do either. We either make Woybff feel better or kill him. Who votes on killing him?

Hater, Peepers, Sylvia:*put there hands up*

Wander:Really guys?

Sylvia:He'll stop.

Hater:We can't work with you. Your friends with Wander.

Sylvia:That's offense. You take that back you, flar-

Wander:STOP, STOP! How do we stop this?

Peepers:For the first time in the life I don't know, and I wanna kill myself.

Hater:There, there Peepers. *hugs him* *looks at Wander and Sylvia* I-I mean, *lets go of Peepers* Please don't do that.

Wander:We never not help Woybff.

Hater:Oh I know how to help. I kidnapped this kitten. *holds bag*

Sylvia:Well let's give it to her.

Hater:*knocks on Woybff's door* Lunie we have a gift for you.

Peepers:We kidnapped a cat.

Wander:Will this work Mr.Peepers?

Peepers:It's Commander Peepers! And yes this will work, wandering werido.

Sylvia:You better watch it Eyeball.

Peepers:Oh yeah Zborank?

Wander:Guys we need to help Woybff. Can we come in Woybff?


All:*walk in*

Hater:I got you gift (says like in The New Toy).

Woybff:Aw. *opens it up*

Wander:*smiles* He's so cute.

Sylvia:And white.

Woybff:Perwinkle is it you?

Perwinkle:Yeah who are you, and how do you know my name?

Woybff:I am Princess Woybff Luna Stars, and I know your name from a little blue dog.

Perwinkle:Oh Blue.

Woybff:*hugs him*

Perwinkle:*hugs back*


Sylvia:Love you too, buddy, *hugs Wander*

Peepers:Sir can have a hug?

Hater:No! Come talk to me out of Woybff's room.

Peepers:*walks out with Hater* What is it you wanted to tell me sir?

Hater:Yes Peepers.*hugs him*

Peepers:*hugs back* I should of know you get embarrassed a lot, sir.

Hater:It's no problem Peepers. No problem at all.

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