The Other Funk

(Inside Woybff's head) Fear:Guys I just realized, what if people think were her?

Joy:Stellar, no.

Fear:*shows picture (the camera is on the other emotions)*


Anger:I hate her so much.

Disgust:*rolls eyes* Alright Sadness you can take Joy's place.

Autism:Digust I take orders around here, and Joy is fired.


Autism:Tie her up.

Sadness:It's for your own good.

Joy:You can't force me.

Anger:Yes we can.

Woybff:*lies on her bed*

Moonbeam:I brought these things to make you feel better.

Fear:Hold on guys I think Moonbeam giving us recalled toys.

Moonbeam:Mom also wanted to give you these things if she wasn't having a baby today.

Woybff:Has the baby come let?

Moonbeam:No. Here her and I give to you: your old teddy, a Pinkie Pie plushie, and your old baby.

Anger:Get that out of this room.

Woybff:I'm sorry but leave, and take my old stuff with you. I am not like her.


Woybff:Leave Moonbeam.

Moonbeam:*goes to Sylvia*

Sylvia:I know, I don't know what's wrong with Woybff. Even changed her icon on Google Plus.

Moonbeam:I saw that.

Woybff:*goes on the computer* *looks at toy recalls* *turns on Foil* Thinks:Even Music can't make feel better. *falls asleep*

Sunil:Woybff go, your are too stupid for us.

Sylvia:You and Wander go flarp with Lord Hater.

Wander:I'll stay by your side Woybff.

Watchdogs:*kidnapped Wander*


Someone:Please turn around; don't be scared.


Major Threat:Yes it's me, since all your friends are gone I'm going to bring you closer with your autistic gifts.

Woybff:But my family still likes me?

Moonbeam:You didn't like the old gifts we gave you.

Woybff:I'm sorry, Moonbeam, I can't be like her.


Violet:Hey Woybff, why did you close the road?


Violet:To get the new Wander Over Yonder.

Woybff:Mom not the time.

Major Threat:Let's go Woybff. Woybff! Woybff!

Woybff:*wakes up*

Major Threat:Good your awake. That panda let me in.

Pennyling:I'm sorry Woybff, do you want a hug?

Woybff:No because she would say yes.

Pennyling:Okay...*walks out*

Major Threat:What's wrong Woybff? Who is this she?

Fear:How are going to tell Jeff if we don't know her know?

Sadness:But the other she does.

Autism:What other she?

Joy:I know-

Anger:Yeah don't say it.

Fear:We can't take him there too.

Major Threat:Woybff?

Woybff:I'm thinking how I should tell you.

Major Threat:Carry on.

Fear:What is her name?

Autism:I don't know, but I have a plan. *walks to the controls*

Woybff:She is from another planet in another galaxy.

Major Threat:Uh tell me more?

Woybff:Her leader is Joy? *shows Inside Out shirt*

Major Threat:So it's Riley?

Woybff:No. Her Sadness is dead I believe. I AM NOT LIKE HER!

Major Threat:I have no idea who is she is.

Woybff:Leave Jeff or should I say Major Threat.

(Inside Major Threat)

Joy (His leader):Okay then, let's leave Woybff.

All others:Agreed.

Major Threat:*leaves*

Woybff:*closes her eyes*

Screwball:Stop being so angry.

Woybff:No I am sad please don't hurt me.

Screwball:I don't even have the tickle machine here. *throws it out of the window* Why are you so down Woybff?

Woybff:In another galaxy far way.

Screwball:I know that galaxy.

Woybff:You do?

Screwball:You I try and hurt the you there too only your not called Woybff Luna Stars, you're called another name.

Woybff:Hey Screwball know that girl?

Screwball:Tell somethings about her?

Woybff:*picture comes out of her mouth*

Screwball:*takes it before the camera see* Oh I remember her from someone where?

Woybff:Why this there one of you, and two of Wander?

Screwball:One word, Cheese Sandwich.

Woybff:Oh yeah, so is that the you in that galaxy?

Screwball:I guess so. I going to ask the other Sylvia, I'll be back.

  • waits 15 minutes*

Screwball:I found out who she is. *tells Woybff in her ear* And yourself other there hates her.

Woybff:Of course. Isn't there a verison her in this galaxy too?

That girl in this verison:Doll Eyes is my eyes.

Woybff:How'd you get in here?

Doll Eyes:The window was open and I found this. *holds up tickle machine*

Screwball:Don't shot us Doll Eyes, we don't what any trouble.

Cheese Sandwich:Put down the tickle machine.

Doll Eyes:Never.

Wander:*dresses up as Fix-It-Felix* I can fit it! *pushes Screwball, Doll Eyes, and Cheese out the window*


Wander:That's right I came to tell you the baby is born. A another girl. Plus I brought some icecream.

Woybff:Thanks Wandie.

Wander:*hugs* I love you, Woybff.

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