The Allies

Cheese Sandwich:So Woybff you wanted to see me?

Woybff:Yes I want you to.

Sunil:Screwball is here.

Cheese Sandwich:Let me go talk to him. *walks to Screwball* Hey what are you doing here.

Screwball:I have show to do. *teleports them, also Wander, Sylvia, Ellie, Hater, Apollo, Moonbeam, and Peepers too*

Peepers:What's going on?

Sylvia:*holds on to Ellie*

Wander:Do you think he's going to make fun of Cheese Sandwich?

Sunil:I hope not.

Pinkie Pie:Me too.

Sunil:What are you doing here?

Pinkie Pie:'Cause I was wondering what he was doing.

Woybff:This can't be good.

Moonbeam:If Sylvia is hurt I want to save her.

Screwball:*gets on stage* Everyone I'm here to say somethings about Woybff.

Woybff:And are they good things?

Screwball:Let's just say you're not going to watch The Boy Wander tonight.


Peepers:*looks a Screwball* *thinks:If he leaves a mark on Woybff's heart he'll be sorry*

Screwball:Woybff is scared of everything, even me. Blah!

Sunil:You shut up flowing banana!

Moonbeam:What was that?

Wander:I don't think Woybff would tell you.

Apollo:I hate all of you but Screwball jomama's so fat when she was playing Mario she fell off with the other racers.

Screwball:I don't have a mother.


Screwball:Yes, now you shut it before I zap you. Also her writing sucks.

Apollo:Now your just being mean.

Hater:I even like her poetry, I hate poetry!

Ellie:*tries to hit Screwball*

Sylvia:No Ellie, once your mama got hit. It was terrible.

Ellie:*hugs Sylvia snout*

Screwball:She also smells bad.

Sunil:As Apollo said you are being mad do we have to call the cops.

Apollo:My dad could beat him up.

Hater:I pretty sure I'm stronger than your father.


Wander:They can work together.

Woybff:*cries* Harue doesn't like Hater.

Screwball:*thinks:It's working* Woybff's so fat she as big as her castle.

Woybff:*runs outside* *leaves crown* *the yellow star is broke*

Wander:*picks it up* *kisses yellow star* Guys Screwball is braking her, maybe she's killing herself.

Sylvia:I pretty sure someone will stop her Woybff.

Wander:*looks at the crown*

Apollo:Wander I not that nice to you, but I'm only helping you because I want Woybff to be happy.

Pinkie:Let's like so banana butt.

Cheese Sandwich:Does he even have one?

Screwball:*laughs* Hey you guys are going to beat me up.

Ellie:*holds a axe*

Moonbeam:*has a knife* I wanna make fruit banana only salad.

Screwball:*smiles* Come on guys, can't we forgive and forget?


Pinkie Pie:GET HIM!!!!

Allies (to Woybff):*run to kill Screwball*

Moonbeam:I should of killed you a long ago.

Ellie:*types: Kill him*

Hater:I think we killed him.

Screwball:Nope I'm still alive. *flows away*

Ellie:*throws axe at him*

Apollo:Now he's dead.

Moonbeam:That's one smart baby Sylvia.

Woybff:*runs back in* He's dead.


Apollo:Let's go to Pizza House to enjoy is victory for Woybff.

Hater:Yes! Can we bring Dominator?

Peepers, Wander and Sylvia:NO!!

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