The Christmas Special

Moonbeam:Is Santa here?

Apollo:Santa ain't real Moonbeam. Didn't you tell her, Woybff?


Sliverswirl:*goes to Woybff* Hey Woybff. *hugs* Oh hi. One minute I have to speak with my brother.

Woybff and Apollo:*walk into the library*

Woybff:Who let her in? She's not on the list?

Apollo:Is dad one the guest list?

Woybff:Yeah Sylvia has to watch him so he doesn't kill Sunil.

Apollo:*laughs* Oh my gosh, Dad sure does hate that mongoose.

Woybff:I'm keeping Annabelle away from Ellie.

Apollo:Who's Annabelle?

Woybff:Sliverswirl's first name.

Apollo:I'll help you Woybff, you helped me.

  • flash back*

Apollo:What do you mean I'm not getting any magnets for Christmas?

Woybff:*runs to the store with Sylvia* I'll take that magnet kit. *hands money*'

Cashier:*hands magnet kit*

Woybff:*hops on Sylvia*

Sylvia:*leaves the store*

Awesome:Give me that magnet kit.

Woybff:*cries* No I was helping my brother.

Sylvia:Your a flarpin' jerk. *punches in the face*


Craig:Awesome aren't you in jail for whatever you did to Woybff.

Awesome:No..Hater paid me to get out.

Hater:I didn't.

Craig:I'll calling the police.

  • flash back over*

Apollo:How did you know that much?

Woybff:That day on the way back I rode on Sylvia backwards.

Apollo:Cool. *walks back the room with Woybff*

Sunil:What is she doing here?


Apollo:*looks at Woybff's crown* This stresses you out?

Sunil:She did kidnap her.



Harue:*walks in* Hi kids.

Woybff:Hi Dad.

Apollo:Hello Dad.

Sunil:Great honors Mr.Stars.

Sylvia:*looks at Sliverswirl* thinks:What is she doing her?

Sliverswirl:Woybff I have present for you.

Woybff:Sweet, I can open it?


Woybff:*opens it*


Woybff:*screams* Sliverswirl what the heck!

Apollo:*whacks Screwball* think:I'd glad Woybff has this nut case.

Screwball:*dies again*

Woybff:I'll be right back.

Wander:Get her out here!

Sylvia:I'm sorry Sliverswirl. *pushes her out*

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