The Mean Lass

Foxy:It's Stellar, Woybff.

Woybff:Everyone stay here I'll kill her.

Moonbeam:Why what did she ever do to you?

Sunil:A long time ago Stellar bullied Woybff and I. Now her and her father Discord are the main antagonists.

Screwball:What about me?

Sunil:Your a good antagonist too.

Little Bits:And me?

Woybff:Not I like you remember.

Little Bits:Oh yeah. I'll help you guys kill Stellar.

Sunil:I will here telling Moonbeam all the pain she did to her.

Girl:Kill her Woybff, she ruined may birthday.

Woybff:Who are you?

Girl:Your creator, I'll tell you more when we are alone.

Screwball:I know who she is.

Girl:You shut up, Screwball.


Girl:I will know the out come of this fight. *walks out*

Screwball:I will help you guys too.

Little Bits:Sweet it's Woybth, Dr.Screwball, and little old me.

Woybff:Let's go!

Little Bits:Oh right.

Screwball, Woybff, Little Bits:*run to Stellar*

Woybff:Stop in the of my low self-esstem!


Little Bits:What the tharp!

Screwball:I tricked you autistics. *flows by Stellar*

Little Bits:I'm not autistic.

Screwball:You sound like it.

Woybff:I don't sound like that.

Stellar:I got a boyfriend.

Woybff:GROP NO!!!

Little Bits:We're tharthed!

Woybff:Run away Little Bits.

Little Bits:*gives puppy eyes*

Woybff:That won't work.

Stellar:You're stupid!

Little Bits:*cries*

Woybff:*carries her* Don't listen to her she said that to me and a lot more. She called me a baby when I made a joke about Five Nights at Freddy's.

Little Bits:But she must scared of that game.

Woybff:She's never heard of it. They all did. Vinnie and Sunil played it after that, and I watched them.

Little Bits:What will the others thay?

Woybff:They will know. They'll sure be surprise when Screwball and Stellar are dating.

Discord:Yes I know. It's cute.

Little Bits:*growls*

Woybff:*runs into her castle* STELLAR AND SCREWBALL ARE DATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wander:Biggest gasp possible!

Sylvia:Oh my grop!!


Moonbeam:But I loved him.

Wander, Sylvia, Woybff and Little Bits:What!!


Little Bits:But thy?

Moonbeam:How you ever fell in with someone that tried to kidnapped you?

Little Bits:No.

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