The Stench Book

Woybff:What do you have Stars?

Stars:It's a stench book don't you have one?



Woybff:I suck at drawing. That's why my hobby is writing.

Stars:You should try it. I bet you can draw Wander will.

Woybff:*draws Wander*

Stars:That's amazing Woybff.

Woybff:You mean it?

Stars:Yes. *drops her stench book in amazement* Oh crap.

Character from Stars' stench book:*comes out* *laughs*

Woybff:What's that?

Stars:Mewberty me.

Wander:Holy grop!

Sylvia:What is that, Jacob?


Stars:I showed it to you yesterday

Mewberty Stars:*laughs* Now you all will pay.

Wander:Oh my..

Woybff:*hides behind Stars*

Mewberty Stars:Oh I'm sorry your Woybff isn't as great as my Woybff.

Mewberty Woybff:*walks out of stench book*

Woybff:You made a Mewberty me?


Woybff:*runs in castle*

Mewberty Woybff:*gets her back* We're gonna take over the galaxy.

Mewberty Stars:You guys will be a army.

Stars:Woybff draw something!

Woybff:I don't have a stench book.

Stars:Try paper.

Woybff:*draws* It's a spaceship.

Spaceship:*comes to life*

Woybff:Come in Stars. *walks in spaceship*

Stars:*follows* Can you fly this thing?

Woybff:Before I meant you I lived in a space ship.

Stars:How long?

Woybff:Until July.

Stars:I knew you since March.

Woybff:Oh yeah my mistake.

Stars:Let's just get with over with.

Woybff:*shots at Mewberty Stars*

Mewberty Stars:What's this?


Stars:What did you draw now?




Stars:Woybff you have to tell me.

Woybff:You'll see.




Giant Wander:Hi girls!

Mewberty Woybff and Mewbery Stars: *scream*

Giant Wander:*eats them* That was tasty.

Mewberty Woybff:*cries*

Mewberty Stars:Get us out of here Wander!

Mewberty Woybff:Yeah we'll give you a tummy ache!

Mewberty Stars:That's a great idea Woybff.

Giant Wander:Please I don't know what when wrong. I thought eating you would put the galaxy in less danger, but now I'm in more danger than the galaxy. Please don't make my belly too upset when your down there ladies.

Mewberty Woybff:What should we do?

Mewberty Stars:Stomach ache it is!

Mewberty Woybff:Fine!

Giant Wander:I don't feel to well.

Stars:Oh my grop, Woybff!

Woybff:*tears up* It as terrible I know.

Stars:It was amazing...

Woybff:Yes! I should go buy a stench book. *runs to a store*

Wander:Thanks Stars, now Woybff can love her drawings

Stars:*hugs Wander* Oh it was nothin'

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