The Great Hero

Gonzo:*walks in to Hospital sees Dr.Svan Ivy* Hello..

Dr.Ivy:Oh my.. *turns for a moment* Are you a prisoner?


Dr.Ivy:Should I can't believe this.

Gonzo:Why? Dr.Svan Ivy: Woybff should act like her age. *walks in Woybff's room* Wander you should known this would happen!

Wander:I didn't know.


Wander:*shakes head*

Periwinkle:*walks out*

Dr.Svan Ivy:Who are you talking to?

Wander:Nobody my mouth hurts. I have a phone call. *runs to Periwinkle* Stay away from that woman Periwinkle. If you do, say you are a prisoner.

Periwinkle:Okay I'll go home.


Wander:*runs in*

Sunil:Get out here, I know what you did.

Wander:What's wrong Sunil?

Sunil:Oh you don't know. She wants Woybff to be what everyone teenage girl is. This is where she been belongs, get out of here!

Conice:How about you? *hits Woybff"s body*

Craig:*walks in* Okay, you *points to Ivy* go get out here. Wander, stay. What ever you are stop being mean to Woybff.

Conice:How do you know?

Dr.Ivy:I knew it.

Gonzo:It's know what you think, Muppet Labs messed up again.

Periwinkle:Me, me.

Dr.Ivy:Oh makes since. *walks out of the hospital*

Periwinkle:Thanks Gonzo.

Gonzo:No problem, it's go check on Woybff. *walks in the room with Periwinkle* What the....heck...

Conice:Mr.McCracken I don't really care.

Woybff:*makes weird noises*

Wander:I think she's trying to tell you don't no that.

Craig:Aw. Thanks Woybff.

Gonzo:I will do this.

Periwinkle:You're not going to kill the guy?

Gonzo:No. I'm gonna knock him out cold and let the Daleks take care of him.

Periwinkle:I don't know what that is.

Sunil:Oh Peri, you don't want to know.

Gonzo:*punches Conice* thinks:Oh I got the best idea! *runs out the room*

Wander:Where are you going Gonzo?

Gonzo:*ridng a motorcycle* *runs over him* *bombs were in and tries and they when off* Uh..I didn't those in there.

Moonbeam:*laughs her head off*

Periwinkle:*walks to her* So it was you?

Moonbeam:Yeah he called me a bad name.

Perwinkle:I understand, you didn't have to use bombs to kill him.

Gonzo:*feels Woybff* I think she has one minute of live lifted.

Sunil:*feels Woybff* You are right.

Wander:I think Gonzo needs to be with Woybff.


Moonbeam, Sunil, Craig, Periwinkle, and Wander:*walk out*

Gonzo:*hugs Woybff* I want to love you.

Woybff:*glows* Holy crap. Gonzo?

Gonzo:Hi sweetie.

Woybff:Oh. *hugs Gonzo*

Wander:Hey Gonzo saved Woybff's life!

Sunil:Gonzo the whatever saves Woybff's life.

Craig:Thank you. *cries tears of joy*

Moonbeam:Tonight I learned Muppets are awesome.

Periwinkle:I should watch the new Muppet show.

Woybff:It's not for kids Periwinkle.


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