The Coach pt.2

Sylvia:I think I heard something.

Wander:I'll wander around to find the problem. *Smiles and walks away*

Sylvia and Coach:*Laughs*

Coach:That guy is so funny.

Sylvia:Yeah Wander is really funny.

Derpy:Thanks from coming there coach. There's this muffin. *Gives Coach a muffin*

Coach:Uh thank you.

Wander:*Runs back in from his search, crying*

Sylvia:What's wrong buddy?

Wander:Woybff is GONE.

  • Wander showed them*


Sylvia:Do you think she was kidnapped?

Coach:Yes by Stellar.

Derpy:You know Stellar?

Coach:Unfortunately yes, she was a problem. Then there was that day. Stellar was attacking me. Woybff came by stopping her from hitting me. And so I crown her my favorite.

Derpy:That wonderful story.

Sunil:No Derpy that real. Woybff brave like me.

Sylvia:Yeah once she loyal to you, she really sweet person.

Wander:Woybff is hero!

Sylvia:Aren't we going to save her?

Wander:Oh yeah. Who's drivin' the ship?

Coach:I will.

Wander:Okay go a head.

At Stellar hide out....


Stellar:Shut up and eat Wander!

Woybff:But Wander isn't here. *cries even more*

Stellar:Eat your shoes, cry baby.

Woybff:But my shoes don't taste good. No offense shoes.

Wander:*Brakes in* Woybff come on let's go.

Woybff:Wandie you came to save.

Wander:It wasn't easy I had to fight Browser. I kidding.


Stellar:You're not going anywhere.

Wander:Stellar look there.

Stellar:Under where?

Wander and Woybff:*Laughs*

Stellar:Oh that's it I'm going to kill both,

Coach:Stop right there Stellar.

Wander:Yay! nice.

Stellar:Coach? What the crap?

Coach:Don't you dare lay a finger on those sweet angles.

Sylvia:*Walks to Coach* Now I have back up.

Coach:Sylvia you get Wander and Woybff I'll try and control Stellar.

Sylvia:But you're so nice I don't what to leave you with that fatter nitter.

Coach:I'll take my changes. *Turns to Woybff* Woybff you are wanderful and I love you.

Sylvia:*Takes Wander and Woybff back to the ship*

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