The Valentine's special

Wander:*wakes up* think:Oh Today's the day. *gets out of his hat and uses it like a bag* Sylvia.

Sylvia:Huh? Wander happening is the lead paint monsters attacking us?

Wander:No silly Sylvia, happy Valentines day! *gives Sylvia chocolate and jellyfish pie*

Sylvia:Thank you buddy.

Wander:*hugs Sylvia* Anything for my Zbornak! *pats snot*


Wander:Oh yeah, Sylvia I have more goodies to give to our friends.

Sylvia:Please tell that those friends are-

Wander:Yeah I mailed them, Woybff mailed something to Bradley.

Brad Starlight:thinks:I been waiting two days for this, Woybff if you didn't have anything in the mail for me *walks to the mail box* *opens it and there is a shied with a note* reads note* "Dear Brad Starlgiht, at first I thought you were a jerk, but later I saw your true gift, you and I must have the same gift, I understand no. Thank you for teaching me the word stare. Love, Woybff P.S. I have a gift for you, a sheid, what's a brave hero with out a sheid. thinks:Aw she does love me. *cries with tears of joy*

Wander:I bet he loves it.

Sylvia:Me too buddy.

Wander:I also forget. *walks to Snowy* Happy Valentine's day Snowy. *gives Snowy a muffins* *runs out of the room into the watchcats' bed room* Happy Valentines day everyone. *gives everyone cupcakes* *runs to Derpy* Happy Valentine's day Derpy. *gives Derpy a muffin*

Derpy:Thank you Wander. *hugs Wander*

Wander:*hugs back* *runs to Sunil* Happy Valetine's day Sunil. *gives Sunil a bag of cand hearts*

Sunil:All I guess you can have your gift now. Come in my room.

Wander:*walks in Sunil's room*

Sunil:Surpise! *hands Wander a rapped gift*


Sunil:Open it Wander.

Wander:*opens it*Hoooooaaaaaa it's a plush of Pinkie pie. *hugs Sunil* Thank you.

Sunil:*hugs back* You're welcome.

Wander:*runs to Woybff with flowers and chocolate* thinks:Huh? I can't find her* Sylvia where's Woybff.

Sylvia:She hasn't woke up it day.

Wander:*knocks on Woybff door* Sings:I now that sweet girl 'cause she my biggest fan forever, Woybff, Wander Over Yonder's biggest fan forever, and I love her.

Woybff:*opens the door*

Wander:Happy Valetine's day Woybff. *hands her flowers and chocolate*

Woybff:Thank you Wander. *tries and shuts the door*

Wander:*opens it* Come on Woybff. *takes her hand*

Sunil:Oh hey Woybff here's your gift. *gives gift

Woybff:*opens it* A snowcone maker?

Sunil:I knew you'd like it.

Derpy:Here Woybff, a muffin! *gives a muffin*

Woybff:Thank you..

Sylvia:Hey Woybff I going to take you to Freddy's later for your gift.

Peaches:*rings the door*

Sunil:*gets it*

Peaches:Happy Valentine's day Woybff.

Woybff:*has a meltdown*

Peaches:Was it me?

Woybff:It's just too much.

Wander:What? Oh yeah, it's okay Woybff you're not freak.

Sunil:That was a year ago.

Derpy:I hate Stellar.

Sylvia:What is going on?

Peaches:I wish to know to.

Wander:This the day that Stellar called Woybff a freak ago. *hugs Woybff* I love you, and she is wrong.

Woybff:*hugs back*

Sunil:*cries tears of joy*


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