The Fox Girls

Sylvia:Hey Woybff how was your day?

Woybff:I also died.

Sylvia:Who attacked you?

Woybff:The Fox Pox.

Sylvia:Who are they?

Woybff:Mean, pretty, fast, fox girls.

Sylvia:What did they do?

Woybff:Yell at me, clawed me, offend me.

Sylvia:Oh don't worry, I get Peaches and Pepper.

Woybff:Peaches is gone and won't be back until late March or early April.

Sylvia:Oh then, Rainbow Dash will help us.

3 hours later

Sylvia:Okay are we ready?

Rainbow Dash:Yeah.

The three:*walk into there den*

The Leader:We are you- oh yeah girls come here.

The other two:*hop out*

One:I'm Sock.

The other:I'm Stacy.

The Leader:I'm Serria.

The three:And we are the Fox Pox.

Serria:Okay now tell us.

Sylvia:You bullied are friend.


Sock:Well she is lazy.

Dash:She autistic.

Serria:We don't care.

Pepper:You don't care, then would you care if your Mom died?

Stacy:Well yeah, but this different.

Pepper:You guys are jerks, no joke.

Serria:What ev.



Dash:Pepper is right you guys are mean.


Serria:What ev.

Sylvia:*punched Serria*

Serria:*claws Sylvia*

Sylvia:Ow my snout. *blood comes out*


Dash:That ain't cool.

Serria:What ev.

Wander:*runs in* What ev, more like that was so RUDE! *runs to Sylvia* Are you okay?

Sylvia:I don't know.

Wander:*puts a banded on Sylvia's wonted*

Serria:He's dumb.

Sylvia:Shult up! *smlies at Wander* He's smart, he helps me and are friends.

Pepper and Rainbow:Aw.

Serria:What ev.


Fox Pox girls:*walks backwards*

Sylvia:*hugs Wander* I love you, ya big ball of fluff.

Wander:*hugs back* I love you too.

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