The Nice Dragon

Bard the Dragon:thinks:I need to be a good dragon, but how.

  • starts to rain*

Bard:thinks:Better get going. *walks through the town* *see a box with a white tail* *walks over* *looks inside*

It's a white and blue cat and a white and orange cat.

Bard:You poor things. thinks:My house can't have pets because of the air. Who would be love and care for this cute things. Of course. You guys are in luck I have a place you can life.

Miff:We are girls by the way and where? (blue and white cat)

Tumble:Yes where Mr.Dragon? (orange and white cat)

Bard:A place I know where they won't destroy you. *carries them to Woybff's ship* *knocks on the door*

Sylvia:Yeah. *looks at the animals* They are cute, hey guys Bard has a suprise for us.

Woybff, Wander, Derpy, and Sunil:*walk to the door*

Wander:They are SO cute.

Woybff:*pets Miff*

Sunil:They are SO cute and fluffy.

Derpy:Yeah and sweet.

Bard:You can have them.

Woybff:Will take them.

Bard:*gives them to them*

Woybff and Wander:*puts Miff and Tumble on the floor* *walk away*

Tumble:Do you think they love us?

Woybff and Wander:*gives back with icecream*

Miff:*looks at Tumble* Yes.

Tumble and Miff:*look Woybff and Wander.

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