Ep.17 The fear

Woybff:It's nice to have a picnic isn't Wander.

Wander:Yeah it is.


Dragon (from Ep.4):Blah!


Dragon:Ha ha.

Woybff:He scares me.

Dragon:What's this? *takes Derpy's muffin*

Derpy:Hey gimme that back you dragon.

Dragon:*Eats Derpy's muffin*

Derpy:*Derpy cries*

Wander:Hey stop hurt my friends.

Dragon:Do you remember me?


Dragon:Bring it on and my name is Bernard.

Wander:*Changes into Bernard and misses*

Dragon:Ha ha.

Wander:Stop it.

Bernard (Dragon):Never I will stop harassing you and your pals that losers.

Wander:No they are NOT my friends are silly, kind, generous, and brave. So bac-



Bernard:Even your scared of me.

Wander:Guys I'll be right back. I'll get are protect. *Wander ran back to the ship*

Bernard:Yeah and bet they be scared to.


Sylvia:Oh hi Wander how's the picnic. I knew you'll return 'cause you forget the Ranch.

Wander:No the Dragon is back and his name is Bernard.

Sylvia:Come on Wander let's beat up that dragon.

Wander:*Hops on Sylvia*

Sylvia:*Goes to the picnic*



Wander:Were back. *Wander gets off Sylvia*

Sylvia:Hi Bernard or should I say Bard the dragon your real name.

Bard (Bernard):Who told you?

Sylvia:Zorra did. *Runs up and beats up Bard* Well we won't be dealing with him any time soon.

Derpy:*Hands Sylvia a muffin*

Sylvia:Thank you

Sunil:*Hands Sylvia a carrot*


Wander:*Hugs Sylvia*


Woybff:*Also hugs Sylvia*


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