The Birthday Mystery pt.1

Woybff:*wakes up*

Homestar:Happy birthday Woybff

Strong Bad:Yes happy birthday, Love. *carrying his and Homestar's presents*

Woybff:It's so nice to be a teenage again. Not worrying about princess duties while Sunil broke my answering machine.

Homestar:How'd he do that?

Woybff:Someone couldn't stop calling me, and my new teachers requested that I could brake it. I told Sunil to do the honors.

Homestar:Well The Chaps wanted me to inform you that all those people back in Wally wish you a good birthday.

(Woybff at school)

Girl 1:*laughing*

Woybff:(thinks) It's my birthday. Not no should be laughing at me.

Girl 2:Oh hello.


Girl 2:I know what would make you feel better. *hands her a sheet of clowns*

Woybff:*runs away* (thinks/sing) And clown's a made of nightmares.

Girl 2:(off scene) Okay I guess you don't like clowns.

Woybff:*hides her locker*

Coach Z:*opens it* Hey Woybff. I'm probably the worst guy to be askin' you this, but what's the matter?

Woybff:It's my birthday and no at the school seems to care.

Coach Z:Well I'm Coach Z, and I sure do care about ya. Tell ya want. When you come into class eighth hour you'll be blow away.

Woybff:Thanks Coach Z. *walks to her first hour*

Someone in a Chuck E Cheese costume:*walks up the Woybff* *sings* It's your happy birthday, now it's time to get beat up!

Woybff:What the crap. *runs away*

Someone in a Chuck E costume:*catches her*


Someone in a Chuck E costume:*beats her up*

Coach Z:*pushes him back* Let her go!

Someone in a Chuck E costume:Give up you dirty old man.

Coach Z:Never! Woybff scream louder.

Woybff:*scream as loud as she could*

Someone in a Chuck E costume:*runs away*


Coach Z:It's okay Woybff. There's a camera there that saw e'erythin'.

Teacher 1:No it's okay.

Woybff:But a guy in a Chuck E suit just came and beat me up.

Teacher 2:You're telling stories Woybff.

Woybff:You have to believe me.

Coach Z:I had to beat him up.

Teacher 1:You were high.

Coach Z:No I wasn't. I give it up for this year of-

Teacher 2:Get in this classroom Woybff. You have been a bad girl.

Coach Z:No I swear he was there. *runs to the office*

Teacher 2:Why did they put him as the girls' coach.

Teacher 1:Because that old lady died.

(later the last hour)

Woybff:Omg it's a pinata of a white star.

Homestar:You like it?

Woybff:I love it. Where's Coach Z?

Homestar:Oh Coach is trying to tell the office that the man was real. They believe him and you now. The school believes it was Screwball, Awesome, Strong Bad, Lord Hater, or some other WOY villian.

Woybff:I see why they would think that. They did call Coach Z a dirty old man.

Homestar:Now I wanna kick him. If it wasn't for Coach Z I bet you won't be here.


Violet:Woybff it's time to go.


Violet:To your castle with your family.

Woybff:Wasn't Andrea the princess?

Violet:Craig was thinking about demotoing her, for she hasn't which WOY since 2016. You have been watching it since you were-

Woybff:No Mom I liked this place.

Homestar:Because I'm here.

Violet:You have to leave.

(in Strong Bad's house)

Homestar:And they just took her.

Strong Bad:We need her back. We need more smart girls like her around here. I don't think you know this Homestar, but Woybff is something special come compared to Marzipan. We can see her.


The Birthday Mystery pt.2

(the next day) Woybff:(hearing the sounds of Vivaldi in her mind) I can't do this.

Craig:What do you mean?

Woybff:She'll get mad at me. I don't want her to cry.

Craig:Do you want your stupid castle back?

Woybff:It would be nice.

Craig:True. Maybe there should be three princesses you, Andrea, and Stars. You she wants to be a princess like you were.

Woybff:Then the jorb wouldn't be as special with three people instead of one.


Woybff:Job. I like to say jorb.

Craig:Okay why not. So what do we do even?

Woybff:Deal with a tummy ache all night because of stress.

Craig:Well that's your problem not mind. *knocks*

Sylvia:Woybff! *runs out to hug her* I am so sorry I treated you like crap. I wanted Andrea to like me more. Now I will always show my true self with you because you desire of it. Oh happy late birthday. We had a cake in there just  in case you came back. We'll eat it later.


Woybff:Sylvia I'm gonna have a *passes out*


Craig:She's alive if she hasn't ate any of the-

Sylvia:*looks cross at Craig* *carries Woybff inside* You can tell her Craig. I'll take Woybff inside. *cries*

Wander:What's wrong? Is Woybff dead?

Sylvia:No. I want a moment. *runs into Woybff's old room* *puts her on the bed* *cries* You didn't desire this treat. *looks at her wounded from part 1* Are you doing self-harm?

Strong Bad:(off screne):No.

Sylvia:*turns to him*

Strong Bad:She was beaten up by a guy in a Chuck E Cheese suit.

Sylvia:Who Strong Bad, who would do this to sweet little Woybff?

Strong Bad:All we know it's not me, Homestar, Coach Z, Lord Hater, and Dr.Screwball Jones. Now the school thinks Awesome or a teacher did it. What happened to her?

Sylvia:She passed out. I don't know if she'll ever wake up.

Strong Bad:I have a few ideas. *puts a BE CD in the radio player*

Sylvia:She didn't wake up.

Strong Bad:*turns it off* *turns on TTTE*

Sylvia:Still nothing.

Strong Bad:*turns it off*

Sylvia:Try this.

Strong Bad:*sings Guns for Hands*

Sylvia:No nothing.

Strong Bad:We just wanted you to have a happy birthday. *kisses her*

Sylvia:Do you really think that's gonna work.

Strong Bad:I'll go get Homestar.

Sylvia:Should I kiss her.

Strong Bad:I don't recommend it. *goes finds Homestar*

(Canon plays)

Homestar:*walks in* *kisses her*


Wander:*runs in* *kisses her*

Coach Z:I figure it out. What's wrong with Woybff?

Sylvia:She passed out.

Coach Z:We figure it out. It was Awesome.

Woybff:*wakes up* Now where's the cake?

Craig:Okay I did it.

Woybff:Now where's the cake?

Craig:*smiles* Oh Woybff, Cilan got it out.

Strong Bad:Let's make this party so great!

Andrea:Say lit.

Strong Bad:What was so 2016.

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